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Yoruba Demons: Signs & How to Spot them


Most Nigerian youths are familiar with the term “Yoruba Demon” but most cannot detect one once they come across them. The inability to spot a Yoruba Demon has left many ladies in heartbreak and other awkward situations.

Who is a Yoruba Demon?

A Yoruba Demon is a young man from the south-western part of Nigeria who is usually employed and doing well in life but has made it his hobby to toy with the feeling of his female “victims”. In simpler terms, a Yoruba demon is a playboy from the Yoruba tribe.

How did the Yoruba Demons come to be?”

The term surfaced on the internet in 2015. Since then, it has continuously gained popularity, with several men affiliating themselves to this “unplanned association” while others are forcefully branded by ladies they jilted earlier.

How to spot a Yoruba Demon

Like all kind of people, they are ten unique characteristics that you can use to identify a Yoruba Demon;

1 Signature White or Black Agbada

This is the elementary kit for every professional and novice Yoruba Demon, and the Agbada is their official uniform worn to family-based outings like weddings, engagements, naming ceremony, and church activities. Girls easily get attracted to them because they always slay in these fabrics.

2 iPhone or Samsung Only

If a Yoruba Demon handbook exists, then I think this is written boldly on every page that all its members must either use an iPhone or a Samsung smartphone.

These smartphone brands are the top-rated phones in Nigeria and are used to increase the social status of anyone wielding them.

A Yoruba Demon would always hold his smartphone on his hands and use them to terrorize girls that look at them.

3 Exotic Sunglasses

It is yet to be deciphered why they always wear sun shades, but a typical Yoruba Demon is always wearing one. There have been rumors that they never take them off even when they sleep at night.

Maybe they use these sun shades to hide the glow in the prying eyes when they hunt for unsuspecting girls or they just wear them to look cooler, but whichever reason Yoruba Demons always have their dark glasses on.

4 Luxurious Car

This is their love wagon; they use it to surf around the street to look for whom to confuse. They don’t even care if you are with your girlfriend, they will their expensive cars to oppress you in the presence of your girlfriend.

They don’t hesitate to give free rides to beautiful ladies, even if you are already on public transport, they will still chase you and offer to drop you off at your location.

5 Sweet Talkers

“Sweet Mouth”!!!! a Yoruba Demon can sweet talk a girl into leaving her house by 12 am and rush over to his place, they will talk you into feeling like you are the most beautiful girl in the world.

The time and energy they spend on sweet-talking girls can be put into serious things like being motivational speakers.

6 Women Magnet

A full-blooded Yoruba Demon has a vibe that drags women to unknowingly fall for them. A Yoruba Demon can walk in a single street and 7 different girls will hug him, they never sit alone in parks because a lady would also be there with them.

Many still wonder how they do this, but they are the human magnet and your girlfriend might be their metal.

7 Hypnotic Smile

For ladies who don’t believe in hypnosis, then a Yoruba demon has not thrown his signature smile towards your direction.

They can turn ladies into their robots with their smiles. If a Yoruba Demon starts smiling at you, we advise you to run because he is about to ask for a big favor and you will end up granting it.

8 Serial Cheat / Heart Breakers

Just post their picture on social media and ask whose boyfriend is this, you might end up starting World War III between ladies.

Yoruba Demons are like shepherds and gathering a flock of ladies is their hobby, a Yoruba Demon will easily date 15 girls without breaking a sweat.

They keep changing girls every 3 days, even their gatemen are confused on which one is a girlfriend and their sisters.

9 Paranoid About Their Phones

Don’t even think about it, don’t touch his phone or else you will end up committing suicide after seeing what cannot be unseen. They are always private about their phone and they always ignore phone calls when they are around other ladies.

10 Social Media Ghosts

A Yoruba Demon might be replying to you instantly but immediately he gets inside your head you will see a whole new chapter in his book of personalities. They are always online but spend more time chatting with the new girl they want to woo.

The only time he quickly replies to you is when his new catch is offline so he comes back to his plan B. A Yoruba Demon ends up hiding his online status, his read receipt, you will never see his last seen and he hardly posts status.

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