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Why does Ronaldo wear long sleeves?


Ronaldo has had a knack for wearing long sleeves since when he was in sporting Lisbon in Portugal. Also notable during his 6 years of play at the England team Manchester United.

This has spurned the question (of why does Ronaldo always wear a long sleeve) among Ronaldo fans across the world.

Some facts about why Ronaldo wear long sleeves

1. Ronaldo is the only player in the Portugal national team squad that is allowed to start off with a long sleeve jersey.

2. Ronaldo wore more of long sleeves from the last decade, in fact, he’s worn it more than 93 percent of his football career, so to Ronaldo wearing long sleeves has become more of a signature tune.

Sport wear manufacturers, sports psychologists, and jersey designers have pointed out some possible reasons why Ronaldo likes to always wear long sleeve jersey/shirts

  •  They noted that long sleeves usually helps players to keep warm in very cold weather
  •  It can also be a precautionary means to avoid turf burns.
  • Long sleeve jersey will also help players to stay dry and maintain a level of comfort match long
  • Much more it is not only Ronaldo that likes to wear long sleeve jersey, their is a much bigger company of long sleeve wearers including, Messi, David Beckham, Griezmann,Daniel Sturridge, and a lots more, many of these top players see long sleeve shirts as more fitting and looks a lot cooler than short sleeves, so it is practicable to say some of them wear it for the swag.

From numerous fans online, here are some perspectives and opinions on why CR 7 usually likes to wear long sleeve jersey/shirts.

  • He wears it because of maximum comfort, swag, self-aggrandizing and to boost his level of confidence and stand out of the crowd who are usually mostly in short sleeves.
  • Addidas Climacool technology since when it was introduced has proven to be helpful to help players keep warm and cool simultaneously
  • Ronaldo likes to wear long sleeve jersey possibly because he wants to avoid hurting hid arm or wrist when he dives
  • A Fan jokingly noted that he wears them probably because he has a thin wrist and he is on a mission to hide that.
  • Another disclosed that Ronaldo is too hot to be in a cold climate…

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