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Who owns Shoprite in Nigeria?


If you are seeking information on who owns Shoprite Nigeria? Then you have landed on the right page. To answer your question in a straightforward manner Shoprite is owned by a South African retail business Mogul Christo Wiese.

Read on to find out more about the well-accomplished businessman and how he managed to build the largest retail chain business in Africa in the last three decades.

Who is Christo Wiese?

His birth name is Christoffel H. Wiese. Christoffel F. Hendrik Wiese is a South Africa born Selfmade retail Business mogul and Law practitioner.

He had his high school education at Paarl Boys’ High School and proceeded to the University of Stellenbosch for his BA and LLB degrees.

How old is Christo Wiese?

He was born on September 10, 1941 (age 77)

Who are Christo Wiese Parents?

Christoffel Wiese parents are Japie Basson and Clare.

Where is Christo Wiese From?

He was born in Upington, South Africa

Where does Christo Wiese live?

He lives with his family in his mansion at Brackenfell, Cape Town, South Africa

Who is Christoffel Wiese Wife?

He got married to his lovely wife named Caro Wiese

Christo Wiese Children

Christo Wiese has 3 Children (a son and 2 daughters) namely
Jacob Wiese(Son)
Christina Wiese (Daughter)
Clara Wiese (Daughter)

He was called to bar at the Cape bar where he starts to practice Law. A few years later, he proceeded to Pepkor where he was appointed as the Director of a discount clothing chain that was co-founded by Wiese’s Parents.

Who is the Owner of Pepkor?

Pepkor is a discount store in South Africa established in 1965 under the name Pep Stores. Pepkor have its name changed in 1982 after it became a subsidiary business. The Chairman of Pepkor. In 2011, Christo Wiese, having an estimated net worth of US$1,6bn was ranked as the 782nd richest person in the world on Forbes magazine’s list of the world’s 1210 billionaires.

He purchased the Multibillion-dollar supermart business Shoprite which used to be a chain of eight supermarts in Cape Town for 1 million rands (equivalent to $122,000 USD).

He expanded the business into a multibillion-dollar business with acquisition and expansion strategies, by 2011, the company was proclaimed the sixth overall favorite brand, with more than 1,200 corporate outlets under different names across Africa.

From 2011 to 2012, the company’s Shares rose by 50% on the South African stock market and that brought a massive dividend to Christo Wiese making him $1.5 billion richer.

Shoprite Nigeria and other Locations in Africa

Shoprite was first established in Nigeria and have expanded to other African countries like Madagascar; – Angola; – Botswana; – Zambia; – Namibia; – Congo DR: – Mozambique; – Congo; – Ghana; – Swaziland; – Mauritius; – Lesotho.

More Wiese Facts

  • He is the executive director of South African retail giant Shoprite.
  • Since 2006, Wiese has been chairman of Invicta Holdings Limited.
  • He was at first the executive director of Pep Store now Pepkore from 1967 to 1973.
  • Wiese has a 44% share of Pepkor since he became chairman of the company in 1981
  • Wiese is the 11th-most successful businessman in his chosen fields of industry (accounting, banking, finance, consumer goods, fashion, and retail).
  • He was pronounced the 69th-most successful person in South African history.
  • Wiese owns a private game reserve in the Kalahari Desert.
  • His son Jacob Wiese Works at Pepkor and he is expected to take over from his dad when he retires.

Christo Wiese Net Worth 2021
$1.5 Billion (2019)

According to Forbes Magazine:
Net worth
$6.23 billion (STRL, April 2016)
$5.1 billion (Forbes, September 2017)

What is Christo Wiese Net Worth?

Net Worth in 2021

$1.5 Billion

Source of income Retail Business, Winery
Age September 10, 1941 (age 77)
  • Business Leader of the Year
  • Pioneer of the 20th Century Award

Biggest Shoprite in Nigeria

Shoprite has been of the biggest retailers not only in Nigeria but also in other African countries. The supermarket chain business has been in existence for more than a decade. In Nigeria, most of the biggest malls have Shoprite Supermarket. There are extremely large supermarkets in Nigeria, so large that if you have visited a couple of them like the Lekki, Ikeja and Ibadan malls, you may find it very difficult to say which is the largest Shoprite in Nigeria.

The company opened the business in Nigeria in 2005, which is about 14 years ago, with there first mall they were able to get rapt attention from Nigerians and found their way to the hearts of many Nigerians. With time they opened up new locations in other cities within the country and come 2017 which is just after 11 or 12 years they have become the largest retail chain supermarket in the whole of Nigeria.

The strategy of the company is to make every new ShopRite mall supersedes the previous ones, if you have been to one of the most recent which is Shoprite Akure, you will surely agree with me on this, of course, I am not saying it is one of the biggest nor it is the best.

The are three biggest shoprite supermarkets in Nigeria, namely:

  1. Shoprite in Novare Lekki Mall, Lekki
  2. Shoprite in Ibadan Mall, Ibadan and
  3. Shoprite in Ado Bayero Mall, Kano

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