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What is Zenith Bank Transfer Code?


How To Transfer Money From Zenith Bank To Other Banks (Mobile Code)
Zenith bank has transfer code designed to make money transfer for all Zenith Bank users to other banks account smooth and easy. This can be carried out from the comfort of your mobile phone.

On this page we shall put the USSD code here and give some few tips on how to use it. Note that with the Zenith bank USSD code you can transfer to Inter/Intra bank accounts without internet connection ,in fact you can do this on a CDMA phone, all that matters is that you connect to your network provider on strong signal.

The Zenith Bank USSD code for making transfers works on all mobile devices be it Android, iOS, or Windows. To get started simply supply the USSD code on phone number you used in opening your Zenith account at the time of registering with the bank. It Works smoothly across all four telecom providers in Nigeria, plus other ones like NTEL and Smile.

Below is the USSD Code To initiate the Transfer of funds From Zenith Bank To Other Banks On Mobile without an internet connection.

Now, open up call app on your mobile, then dial *966*amount*account number# just like you would when you want to ordinarily make a call, make sure your initiate the code from the SIM card or phone line that is registered with Zenith bank account.

You will be guided with onscreen instructions on what to press to complete your transaction E.g *966*46000*787888568890# to transfer N46000.

That is all the simple process of using the Zenith bank USSD code to make transfer of money from your Zenith bank account to other accounts irrespective of the bank in Nigeria.

If you want to do a PIN reset, the code to use is *966*60#, be sure to carefully follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process.

If you use an Android or Apple device, it also possible to perform a number of transactions more easily on the Zenith bank’s mobile banking app available for both Android and iOS devices. Super convenient to use and fast.

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