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What is Terrence Howard Net Worth


Financial and Marital Woes

Terrence was sued in July 2014 by his first wife Michelle on grounds that he allegedly owes $325,000 of unpaid spousal support. Terrence, however, maintained that he got blackmailed at the time of their settlement so he can sign the unfair agreement terms.

He claimed he couldn’t have to pay the sum since he was earning a sum of $5800 per month.

On the same case, Terrence H. disclosed that the majority of his income from acting in Hollywood was allotted to his first wife to so the kids can be cared for.

It got worse that Terrence was on his first wife’s payroll, he would receive $5800 per month directly from her account he’s meet up with his obligations.

In June 2019 it was reported that Terrence and latest wife Mira were hit for tax evasion and bagged $143,000 worth of liens. He has faced worst scenario severally in the past in his career, the major ones being $600,000 worth of liens in 2006 and $1.1 million tax bill in 2010.


Names of Terrence Howard Wives

Terrence Howard Marriage

Miranda Pak m. 2013–2015

Michelle Ghent m. 2010–2013

Lori McCommas m. 2005–2007

Lori McCommas m. 1989–2003


Names of Terrence Howard’s Children

  • Terrence HowardChildren
  • Heaven Howard- Daughter
  • Qirin Love Howard- Son
  • Hunter Howard- Son
  • Aubrey Howard- Daughter

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