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UI Postgraduate School Fees For New Students 2021/2022 Session


The University of Ibadan is the biggest university in Nigeria and they are known for providing students with a first-rate education. The postgraduate school fees have been announced and we want to give you all the information about it so that there’s no confusion when paying your tuition fee.

In this article, we will be discussing some of the costs associated with gaining admission into UI postgraduates School as well as their respective yearly rates which include new student enrollment fees, acceptance fee payable by every PG applicant upon being admitted into UI Postgradschools among others!

As a Nigerian university ranked among Nigeria’s top 10 universities and one of Africa’s leading institutions in research publication rates, this information reflects an exceptional opportunity to further your education at a world-class institution that values excellence above all else.

The University of Ibadan’s postgraduate programmes are a wide-ranging, comprehensive list that covers almost every major discipline. Why else would the university be converting to a post graduate school?

The University of Ibadan is the oldest and most prestigious university in Nigeria with a long list of illustrious alumni. It not only educates undergraduate students, but also postgraduate ones who outnumber those at other tertiary institutions yearly.

Graduates from other universities after completing their undergraduate studies and are looking for a post-graduate school to continue their education one of the best institution they look up to for the furtherance of their academic is the UI (PG) postgraduate school.

This has been intentional since UI gives more quota to PG applicants than undergraduates as it wants people from all levels to have access to high-quality education no matter what their financial background or academic performance may be like

The University of Ibadan postgraduate school fees for new students 2020/2021 are out! The UI (PG) postgraduate school is the best place to start your search for a new course.

The cost of all PG programmes varies, so it’s important that you find out which programme will work best with your pursuit and budget.

The UI Postgraduate School is excited to announce a new and improved fee schedule for all their incoming 2020/2021 students.

NOTE: The University of Ibadan postgraduate school has revealed that late payment would attract an extra fee and failure to pay the fees within the stipulated period could lead to a student’s inability to sit for their respective semester examinations.

UI PG’s acceptance fee

UI PG’s acceptance fee for 2020/2021 is now 20,400 Naira. This was a recent and much-needed change to help cover the cost of educating new students who will enroll in courses next semester.

UI postgraduate School fees

In the pursuit of knowledge, students are willing to spend a little more than they can afford in order for them to get that much needed degree.

The UI postgraduate school fees will vary depending on which department you’re enrolled in and if it is your second M.Sc programme or not, but overall it ranges from 120-170k per session, but half payment for returning former MSC students.

That being said there has been no change since last year as these costs have remained constant at least up until 2020 when next years figures should be released soon enough!

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