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Top 20 Richest Fuji Musicians in Nigeria in 2021


Who is the richest fuji musician in Nigeria? If this is your question, then you have landed on the right page. Fuji music is really enjoyable for Nigerian most especially the Yoruba people. Country Nigeria has made many Fuji artists so popular today. and both locally and globally the Yoruba tribe is proud of their ability.

Actually, many of people want to know the wealthiest Fuji stars in Nigeria, but this writeup will help you know a bit of Fuji stars biography.

Fuji is an African common style that blends rhythm and vocals with metaphysical meditation music. Percussion is the most critical feature of Fuji. It was founded by Sikuru Ayinde Barrister, who began his career in Ramadan in 1965 with the Muslim morning songs of faith.

After the victory in the competition of faith music in Lagos, he received the name of this genre. It was chosen by chance, as Sikuru claims to be the majestic sounding of that term, from the Japanese Fuji Mountain. Soon, Sikuru had Ayinla Kollington’s competitor and she had two factions separating Fuji admirers. At the end of the 90s, the music of Fuji became popular over Juju.

List of Richest Fuji Musicians in Nigeria

Alhaji Sikiru has gone on tour to foreign nations since the arrival of Fuji into the region, primarily European countries supporting the Fuji genre from the 1970s, like Germany, the Netherlands etc. He has been performing abroad for several people, who have fallen in love with the music in the world. His tour has also been a hit.

1. Ayinde Wasiu Mashal

He is one notable Fuji musician who stands in the first position of our list with a massive net worth close to 750 Million naira. Ayinde Wasiu Mashal is Nigeria’s wealthiest Fuji artist for many reasons. First of all, for several years, Wasiu Ayinde Anifowose has been on the road to limelight before he breakthrough. K1 is always strong and continues to press on in all conditions. With his impressive and years of outstanding performances K1 the ultimate-Wasiu Ayinde Marshal is the richest fuji musician in Nigeria today.

Many believe he is indeed the best artist in the genre. We can’t label him the best because it meant for you to listen to his musics and judge.

2. Pasuma Wonder Oganla 1

Pasuma is a renowned Fuji signer with net worth close to 500 million. His full names is Wasiu Alabi Ajibola. Pasuma was born November 27, 1967, at Mushin, Lagos State, Nigeria.

The music business took Pasuma by surprise. He has also appeared in some Yoruba films like Iyanje, Alenibare etc. Wasiu Alabi Ajibola’s voice is really nice and goes along with is Fuji style. Pasuma is the first Fuji singer to collaborate with a hip hop signer named Tiwa Savage in the song Titled IFE.

3. Saheed Osupa

A very famous fuji music artist, named Saheed Osupa, stands in the third position on our list of the wealthiest Fuji musicians in Nigeria 2021.

Saheed Osupa is a native of Ibadan and he started his music career in in 1983 and has since been applauded as one of the main musician in Nigeria when it comes to fuji music. Since he began his career in Fuji music he has also recorded more than 20 albums, which made him a huge fortune.

4. Obesere

Obesere is a famous Fuji musician and also one of the best Fuji musicians in the world. He embarked on his singing career at a very tender age and since then, he has published a decent number of tracks and albums and has also managed to remain active in the Fuji music industry till date.

Obesere was born to the Pa Abass family on 28 of April, 1965, and simply refered to as the most wealthy Fuji musician in Nigeria. Before he engaged himself in music early in his career, he had his high school kwara.

5. Sule Alao Malaika

Nigerian Fuji actor, Sule Alao Malaika was born in the state of Lagos, but raised in the state of Ogun.

Malaika is also a famous foji star who was born in Lagos State on 15 April 1973. His a native of Ogun state, Nigeria. He started his music career early in 1983, just like his other fuji music counterpart Ayuba.

Sule Alao Malaika net worth is not that much but close to 480 million naira. Also is a Tecno smartphone ambassador, Amador shoes, Sherfex oil and gas, etc.

6. Adewale Ayuba

Adewale Ayuba’s Networthe is around $400 million dollars. His full Name is Adewale Ayuba. He was born in Irene, Ogun, Nigeria, on the 6th of May 1966.

We have Adewale Ayuba on the sixth spot on our ranking of the top Richest Fuji Musicians in Nigeria 2021. Ayuba is considered one of the oldest and most popular Fuji artist in Nigeria. In the year 1983, he started to sing then recorded his first studio album Ibere, at the age of 17, in 1986.

Ayuba has been one of the strongest if not strongest Fuji musicians in Nigeria since the publication of his first studio album in 1986.

7. Muri Thunder

His full name is Muritala Ademola Salaudeen. His net worth is estimated to N150 million naira. At high school, he began to be involved in music. Throughout time, his schooling was overshadowed by his passion for sport and singing. Muri thunder is not famous as the likes of Adewale Ayuba but is also a germ in the music field.

8. Remi Aluko

Remi Aluko is another fantastic Fuji singing. Something tremble happened to him in the year 2012 when his eyes were recorded blind. He is a very talented Fuji musician whose song is mainly enjoyed by many commuter passengers, bus driver, commercial motorcyclists in the south Western part of the country.

Aluko has also earned a lot of money in the Nigerian Fuji music industry, like the other Fuji musicians you see. His networth is around N100 million naira.

9. Taiye Currency

Taiye Currency is mostly referred to as Alhaji Taiwo Akande Abdulrasheed Adebisi Taiye. His net worth is estimated at N100 million naira. Most of currency fans are based in Oyo state, Nigeria.

He is one of the wealthiest Fuji artists in the Nigerian market and the new artist from our ranking of the 10 highest wealthiest musicians in the Fuji music industry.

10. Shefiu Alao

His full name is Shefiu Alao Adekule. Shefu Alao is a popular Fuji musician from Ogun State, Nigeria. He is one of the most promising fuji musicians we currently have in the Nigeria and one of the greatest fuji musicians. His networth is around N300 million naira.

Fuji Musicians and Net Worth in Naira

  • 1. Ayinde Wasiu Mashal net Worth is around N750 Million naira.
  • 2. Pasuma Wonder Oganla 1 net Worth is around N500 Million naira.
  • 3. Saheed Osupa net Worth is N455 Million naira.
  • 4. Obesere net Worth is N450 Million naira.
  • 5. Sule Alao Malaika net Worth is N480 Million naira.
  • 6. Adewale Ayuba net Worth is around N400 Million naira.
  • 7. Muri Thunder net Worth is around N150 Million naira.
  • 8. Remi Aluko net Worth is around N100 Million naira.
  • 9. Taiye Currency net Worth is around N100 Million naira.
  • 10. Shefiu Alao stands in the tenth place on the list of with net Worth around N55 million naira.

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