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Top 5 Richest Catholic Priests in Nigeria


Who are the Richest Catholic priests in Nigeria? The priesthood is one of three Holy orders of the Catholic Church, comprising the ordained priests and presbyters. In the Catholic Church settings, only men are can become priests.

Nigeria together with the Congo Democratic Republic has the highest number of Priests in Africa. The priesthood in Nigeria is dominated majorly by the easterners, especially among the Igbo ethnic group which accounts for over sixty-five percent of the country’s Catholic population.

Generally, priests worldwide are believed to be very wealthy and influential. The average priest in Nigeria is believed to be a millionaire.

Richest Catholic Priests

Nigeria at the moment has very highly placed priests, amongst them, are five that make a striking difference.
In this article, I will be making a list of the 5 richest catholic priests in Nigeria

1. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Eden

Fr Emmanuel M.P Eden is a Catholic priest of the Holy congregation. He was born on the 20th of May, 1947 in Akpugo, Enugu.

Rev. Fr. Eden established and founded the center for peace, justice, and reconciliation. A NGO that is working towards peaceful eradication of terrorism and violent extremism in Nigeria.

2. Rev. Fr. Ejike Camilus Anthony Ebenezer Mbaka

Fr. Mbaka as he is fondly called is the catholic priest of the Enugu diocese. He is the current parish priest of Christ the King parish GRA Enugu.

He is also the founder and the spiritual director of the Adoration Ministries, Enugu, Nigeria. Rev. Fr. Mbaka plays and produces music.

He launched several albums to his credit and has been honored by the Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria. He owns Aqua Rapha bottling company in Enugu, it is the major sachet and bottle water patronized and consumed by the residents of Enugu, Nigeria.

3. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Obimma

Popularly known as Ebube Mungo. He is the Spiritual Director of the Holy Ghost Adoration Ministry Uke, Anambra State.

He is believed to be a very popular man of God whose ministrations are usually hallmarked with various powerful signs and wonders.

Fr. Obama is known for his excellent writing skills. Father Emmanuel has written over ten powerful prayer books recognized globally. He also has articles published on different sites.

4. Rev Fr. Magnus Ebere

Fr. Magnus Ebere is the founder of Canaan Land Adoration Ministries Nigeria. The ministry has it’s headquarters in Ahiora, IMO State.

He is popularly called, “e dey work”, as well as his ministry. Sometimes in November 2019, Rev. Fr. Magnus Ebere was suspended by the Ahiara catholic diocese under which he served, for what sources tagged “anti-catholic practices”.

The Ahiara Catholic diocese warned Catholics to stay away from the priest and his ministry, as both no more operates under the mandate, and authority of the Catholic Diocese of Ahiara, Mbaise, Imo State.

5. Rev. Fr. Paul Obayi Martin Obinna

He is popularly called Okunaerere, a name given to him after his Ministry, Okunaerere Adoration Ministry (OKAM), Nsukka, Enugu, Nigeria.

His ministry was founded in October 2000. He is passionate about helping poor people, the needy, and the sick.

This passion was what led to the birth of his Ministry, which today has grown into a large community of Christians. He is known for being used by God in mighty healings, family liberations and so much more.

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