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Top 20 Best Energy Drinks in Nigeria (2021)


  Generally, we all have innate energy to carry out basic tasks such as eating, walking, talking and so on. But this energy isn’t just enough to carry out even more complex tasks, for instance, wrestling. We all know that to wrestle requires a burst of energy and power and that is where the need for extra energy comes in.

There are several ways to get extra energy and one of them is taking Energy Drinks. In the next lines below I will be making a list of the most popular and top-selling energy drinks in Nigeria.

What is Energy Drink?

An energy drink is an instant energy soft drink that usually contains sugar, caffeine and any other stimulant to avoid fatigue. They are usually taken by athletes or any other individual whose activity requires much energy.

Monster energy drink

  • This energy drink is manufactured by Monster Beverage Corporation and marketed by Coca-Cola
  • Its content include maltodextrine, ginger extracts, L-carnitine and caffeine.
  • Consumers often complain about the alcohol in it.

Red bull energy drink

  • This energy drink is manufactured by Red bull GmbH in Austria
  • Its content includes; citric acid, sucrose, baking soda and caffeine.
  • It has sugar free options which include Red bull Zero and Red bull sugar free.

Lucozade boost

  • Manufactured in Nigeria by Suntory Beverage and Foods Nigeria Limited.
  • Main content; glucose, dextrose, ascorbic acid and sugar.
  • If you’re allergic to lactose, don’t take Lucozade.

Matador Energy Drink Nigeria

Matador Energy Drink is made by Dakento Limited. This is Nigeria’s first globally sold energy drink.The national department for health, narcotics prevention (NAFDAC) has long approved the Energy Drink . Dakento also distributes multinational premium branded food and beverages.

Power Horse energy drink

  • Produced by Power Horse Energy Drink, GmbH.
  • Main content; pantothenic acid, inositol, caramel and taurine.
  • Consumers complain about its high caffeine content. 

Climax energy drink

  • Produced by Nigeria Breweries plc
  • Main content; ginseng, herb extract and taurine.
  • Caffeine sensitive people should avoid it. 

Fearless energy drink

  • Manufactured by Rites Food Limited.
  • Main content; sodium citrate, benzoate and vitamins B6, B12.
  • The caffeine content varies between its flavours.

Bullet energy drink in  Nigeria

  • Bullet is manufactured by Sun Mark Limited.
  • Its main content includes; taurine and caffeine.
  • It’s a sugar-free energy drink.

Mamba Energy Drink

Mamba Energy Drink is a luxury non-alcoholic drink made for Africa. MAMBA Drinks Limited has formally launched the fastest-growing energy drink in Nigeria, The Mamba was introduced into the market for energy drinks in Nigeria by food maker MAMBA ENERGY DRINK, it is distinct from all its rivals because it is produced specifically and expertly for Nigerian and African customers.

Maca energy drink

  • Manufactured by C-Way Foods and Beverages Nigeria Limited.
  • Main content; taurine and extracts of Maca root, this root is a rare herb.
  • It is caffeine-free, instead it has extract of maca root.

Cintron energy drink

  • Manufactured by Cintron Beverage Group.
  • Main content; citric acid, gum arabic, inositol and sucralose.
  • It is high in caffeine and may not be consumed by one who has allergy for caffeine.

5-hour energy drink

  • Manufactured by Living Essentials LLC in America.
  • Main content; amino acid and calories.
  • It’s a sugar and aspartame free drink.

Four Loko energy drink

  • Sold by Phusion Projects of Chicago, Illinois, United States.
  • Its main content; alcohol, caffeine, taurine, wormwood and guarara.
  • A malt liquor based energy drink.

Kabisa energy drink

  • Manufactured by Mutalo Group; a Polish company.
  • Main content; vitamin; B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12, and natural sugar.
  • It’s a distinct energy drink prepared with a high ingredient of sourced from Europe.

Zymbom energy drink

  • Manufactured by Unique Global Research LLC.
  • Its main content include; carbonated water, sucrose, citric acid, glucose, natural and artificial flavours, taurine, caffeine and sodium citrate.
  • Its package has always attracted consumers.

Rox energy drink

  • Rox is manufactured by an Austrian company founded in 1995, having its headquarters at Innsbruck /Tyrol.
  • Its main content; taurine, glucuronolactone, activating caffeine, vitamins and energy provided through carbohydrates.
  • It was said to be the first energy drink to come with 150ml.

Power rade energy

  • Manufactured by the Coca-Cola Company.
  • Its main include; the combination of water, sodium, and certain carbohydrates to give energy.

 A poll taken has confirmed Monster to be the most preferred among consumers. I hope you enjoyed this article, for more, keep a check on this site.

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