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Surrogacy in Nigeria, Cost, IVF clinics, Requirements, Legal considerations


Surrogacy in Nigeria is growing more among the locals especially those that are couples. Surrogacy clinics in Nigeria will give you a full medical and legal support for this difficult process, and the cost of surrogacy in Nigeria is not so affordable, but not too expensive for a family that’s in dire need to go through the process.

Among Nigerian citizens, Nigeria has a limited but rising commercial surrogate market, with some of the Agencies helping parents to find surrogate mothers. Several Nigerian IVF clinics have had high success rates.

Surrogate motherhood involves a case in which a third party female intervenes to delivers a baby and gives the child to the ordering parents at birth.

Despite the widespread use of surrogacy in recent years, the problems of surrogacy in Nigeria have already affected many families facing this problem.

One such gap in the law is that a child from a surrogate mother can only be registered with a genetic parent with her consent. This creates many loopholes for unscrupulous women – they scant parents by this fact, demanding a larger sum for their services than stipulated in the contract.

In order to avoid such problems, all couples are recommended to apply only to solid surrogacy centers in major cities. Usually, a self-respecting clinic has lawyers in its staff who are well versed in legislation concerning surrogacy.

What the lawyers of the clinic offering surrogacy know – in Nigeria the law is on the side of the surrogate, but a well-drawn contract with her will help to avoid any problems.

If the contract is drawn up by a competent lawyer, then the surrogate, who refused to give the child to parents, through the court can demand the return of all expenses for the provision of surrogacy. And also – moral damage for the loss of a child due to the fault of the Surma.

Of course, in this situation, the surrogacy clinic and the parents of the child will benefit – it is unlikely that surmama will want to bear such expenses, especially since the child is not native to her genetically.

Such a solution to the problems and conflicts arising between a surrogate and biological parents is possible only if a specific service of surrogacy in Nigeria is provided by a qualified clinic.

Many couples in ignorance turn to various unscrupulous operators of surrogacy. Such companies usually provide only mediation services, providing little or no assistance in the event of problems and conflicts. In principle, the same level of service you get, having studied about surrogacy ads on the Internet – you have to solve all the problems yourself, make a contract with the surrogate.

It is good if you find a conscientious woman who easily endures and gives you a child – in this case, you will pay the operator money for the service actually provided.

If there are any problems with mother, or the course of pregnancy and childbirth – operators usually self-eliminate, shifting on the shoulders of the participants of the program the solution of all problems.

That’s why, starting to study about surrogacy in Nigeria, read the reviews about the company interested in you, ask what reputation has your favorite surrogacy clinic.

Legal provisions for or against Surrogacy are required in Nigeria. This legislation must allow for the legality of the national, economic, political, legal, and psychological aspects surrounding Surrogacy in the nation or otherwise of the different ways and methods it should be carried out.

How to find a Surrogate mother in Nigeria

Often a friend or relative can be asked to help. Owing to the high cost of alternative facilities and the complicated legal problems related to parental rights, it is safer to maintain an established family partnership.

Substituting Company which guides and arranges you the service of a surrogate. e It also receives all charges, including treatment bills for the surrogate mother, this arrangement is a lot safer as your details as the parent of the child is kept private, so also the details of the surrogate mother are kept private without them knowing each other. Many IVF clinics in Nigeria can offer this type of arrangement.

Price and Cost of Surrogacy in Nigeria

To know more about Surrogacy in Nigeria, you can check out some forums dedicated to infertility. However, remember – resorting to the services of such a woman without an intermediary, you risk not only money (and for surrogacy in Nigeria the price is quite high – from 2 million to 10 million Naira without taking into account medical and legal support and expenses of the surrogate for pregnancy).

The price for surrogacy in Lagos and Abuja Nigeria is much higher than in other regions, but any large maternity clinic in both major cities provides a full package of services and guarantees to future parents. Of course, for surrogacy in Nigeria, the cost is not affordable for many couples.

You can look for good clinics in your area, the main thing – thoroughly study about surrogacy before patronizing any adverts, you can ask advice at the regional forum, which surrogacy clinic in your city is the most reliable.

Of course, it is possible to argue for a long time about whether surrogacy is good or evil – but today children from surrogate mothers have made thousands of families happy, and therefore – surrogacy has the right to life!

Requirements of Surrogacy

A detailed psychological assessment and multiple blood checks, as well as a legal arrangement with the parties involved, are required. This is usually conducted by an IVF clinic with a lawyer of the clinic or one from the parents seeking the service of a surrogate mother.

IVF Clinics in Nigeria and Contact Details

IVF Clinic State Phone
Nordica Fertility Centre Lagos 01 466 7360
Iye Hospital Ibadan 0813 651 6936
Delight Hospital & Fertility Centre Ibadan 0805 514 0918
Fusion Nest Fertility Centre Lagos 0811 559 5778
Bridge Clinic Ikeja 01 631 0092
Medison Specialist Women’s Hospital & Fertility Assyst Lagos 0816 906 0064
Nordica Fertility Centre Lagos Unconfirmed
George’s Memorial Medical Center Lekki 01 271 8727
Green-Onyx Fertility Clinic Ikeja 0902 569 5555
Medical ART Center Lagos 0902 068 2435
Nordica Fertility Centre Asaba 0807 434 3666
Nordica Fertility Centre Abuja 01 466 7360
Grabbo Fertility Clinic & Diagnostic Centre Abuja 0703 070 3976
Regiz Fertility Clinic Unconfirmed
MATERNAL HEALTH Specialist clinic & fertility Centre Enugu 0905 551 0272
The Roding Reproductive Centre Lekki 01 270 8025
G-Spegg Fertility Centre Unconfirmed
FERTIL AID CLINIC ABUJA Abuja 0817 677 6263
Care Fertility Hospital Abuja 0806 424 4977
The Ark Clinic Lagos 0808 753 4018

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