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26 Souvenir Gift Ideas for Nigerian’s Wedding Guests


Everyone loves to come home from a wedding event with a souvenir. Souvenirs serve as an extension of the memories that we create during our time away, and it’s always nice when the people who are close to us can take something tangible back with them.

This is why wedding guests love receiving souvenir gifts at weddings! In this blog post, we will be discussing different ideas for what you could give your guests as a souvenir gift.

Are you looking for a creative way to thank your wedding guests? You could consider giving them something that they can take home as a souvenir of your special day!

Wedding gifts often tend to be very expensive, and there is nothing wrong with this.

The day has finally come! You’re getting married and you will soon be surrounded by all of the people who love you. When it comes time to think about what to get your guests as a thank-you for coming, don’t sweat it!

However, if you are on a budget or just looking for an inexpensive idea, we have put together 50 Souvenir Gift Ideas for your Wedding Guests…

Souvenir Gift Ideas for Nigerian Wedding

These gifts range in price and are perfect for any budget.

1) Personalised Mugs

Personalized Wedding Gift Engagement Gift

Personalized mugs are a great, inexpensive gift that will be cherished for years to come. They’re easy to make yourself and can cost as little as N2000 per piece.

2) Wine Glasses

Wine glasses make a great, inexpensive gift for your guests. You can buy these as part of the wedding kit or purchase them individually and they’ll be less than N4000 each.

3) Foot Mats

Another inexpensive souvenir idea to gift to your wedding guests is a foot mat. These can be personalized and purchased for N2500 each or less.

4) Ankara designed items

Items designed with Ankara are a great wedding gift option in Nigeria, almost every Nigeria likes Ankara, to wear these. Items like skirts, jackets, and dresses are available at a price range of N6000-N12000 each for the customized ones

5) Customised Carrier or Tote Bags

Wedding Gifts And Souvenirs In Nigeria

You can design customized or monogrammed carrier or tote bags for your guests. These are a little more expensive than the other items on this list, but they’ll be worth a few thousand each.

6) Cosmetic Kits

Cosmetic Kits as wedding souvenirs will definitely be valuable to your guest in the long run.

It is a thoughtful gift that speaks volumes about you and your relationship with them.

What’s more, it can be tailored to include expensive gifts like makeup from television brands, or they can instead go for something less expensive like a personal care product line which is still worthwhile as an acknowledgment of their time spent at your event.

These great kits are not only inexpensive mechanisms to show off your popularity but also because they are always welcomed by guests and simultaneously help them enjoy themselves just that little bit more over any other moment of the party.

7) Kitchen Utensils

Kitchen utensils such as cooking and serving utensils, spoons, plates, kettle, as wedding souvenir for guests is a brilliant idea! Guests of the wedding would be thrilled to take home your personalized gifts.

And because they’ll likely reuse them, your contribution will help enrich their lives on many levels.

8) Customised Throw Pillow

Wedding Gifts And Souvenirs In Nigeria Throw Pillows Custom

The customized throw pillows are a great way to add your personal touch and make the gift more special. You can include your wedding date, anniversary year, or just the word ‘love’.

You could even design it in a style that reflects you as individuals, so if one of you loves chess while the other is into gardening then why not include this on the cushion?

9) Hand Fans

These hand fans are an ideal gift to give away. You could have a guest message on them or you could just use their table number and write ‘thanks for coming. These make for lovely keepsakes that guests can take home and keep forever!

10) Umbrella

The idea behind this is to have each guest have a personalized memento of your wedding day through which they can take away a favorite memory. Some couples like this idea because it gives guests something tangible to remember their time at the nuptials, while others like the idea because people actually use their umbrellas and not forget or lose them like so often happens with mementos from weddings such as toasters or platters.

This is what you do – you send them home with something they can use every single day of their lives.

11) Mud Cloths and Napkins

In Africa, people use mud cloths and napkins to wrap food or hold utensils. Guests can get their own set for the table they’re sitting at on your wedding day by taking one of these homes with them as a memento from you!

12) A Piece of Your Wedding Cake

Everyone loves cake – it’s a nice token to give your guests and it’s something they can actually eat! If you have a small cake from the celebration, then cut off a slice of that and put it in an airtight container so that they can take it home with them.

13) Food Warmer

You might not know it, but a food warmer is the perfect way to keep your guests’ hands warm at your wedding. They come in all sorts of styles and colors so you can find something that fits with your theme or color scheme.

14) Custom Notebooks and Jotters

The perfect way to say thank you for your guests’ attendance. These can come with a special message or just be plain. They’re the gift that will have everyone talking about how thoughtful and creative it is!

15) Scented Candles

A great addition to any guest room, these candles are sure to make your house smell amazing and will give your guests the warm, welcoming feeling they need after a long trip.

16) Trivia Night or Board Game

A great way to spend time with friends and family while you’re on vacation together. These can be customized for different occasions so make sure to get one that fits this occasion!

17) Monogrammed Travel Tumbler

You’re going to want a drink after all that traveling! This is an easy way for guests to always have iced tea or coffee on hand. They’ll be able to take it with them wherever they go as well because nobody wants lukewarm water throughout their trip, right?

18) Customized Souvenir Travel Bag

If you want your guests to remember this trip forever and make sure that all of their belongings arrive safely at home without any damage, then this is the perfect gift idea.

19) Travel Journal

This is a great way to document all of their adventures throughout the trip and make sure there are pictures as well! This gives your guests something that they can look back on when it’s time for them to go through old photos from years before.

20) Personalized Travel Mug

This is the perfect gift for someone who loves to travel but maybe doesn’t want their coffee hot. This way they can have it cold when on a plane!

21) Vacuum Bottle Insulated Thermos

Maybe your guests are the type of person that has trouble remembering how much water they need to drink throughout the day. This is the perfect gift for them. They can put their favorite drink in it and even if they set it down, their coffee will still stay hot!

22) Portable Speaker

This is a great idea for someone who likes to listen to music when traveling or working out. It’s also good as a backup speaker in case something happens with the original.

23) Cufflinks or Tie Bar

This is the perfect gift for someone that wears a suit often and wants to upgrade their wardrobe with something new. It’s also great if they are tired of wearing the same tie every day and want some variety.

24) USB Charger

This is a great gift for someone who travels often. They can use it to charge their phone, tablet, and other devices that are USB compatible.

25) Bluetooth Speaker or Headphones

If your family member likes listening to music while they work out or when on the go then this is a perfect gift idea. It’s a great way to share their favorite songs with them or you.

26) Golf Ball Marker

A golf ball marker is a perfect gift for someone who enjoys playing the game of golf. It’s something they’ll use every time they step on the green and will make sure that it won’t get lost at any point in their rounds!


All of the items on this list will be a perfect addition to your wedding. Consider adding some or all of these souvenirs for guests at your next event.

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