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200 Best SMS for Happy Birthday Wishes


Birthdays are one of our life’s most celebrated events. It’s very special, and it comes with a lot of thankfulness, best wishes, and dreams for better days to come.

Only good wishes for birthdays can make friends and families feel important and appreciated, married couples feel loved, and even make coworkers or employees feel valued.

Somebody’s birth anniversary is a true symbol that they exist, That’s probably why people feel so much joy organizing a birthday party and showing up all the friends they’ve invited!

If there is no birthday event, sending them a confirmation of your love by a birthday message is a wonderful idea.

These wishes can shine a light on the dreary day of someone, show a friend your generous heart, and speak volumes about you as a hospitable and warm person.

Happy Birthday Wishes

We have compiled the list of some of the Best SMS for Happy Birthday Wishes for your friends and family and help them wear a happy face on their special day.

Best SMS for Happy Birthday Wishes
  • A very wonderful person deserves a special day! Happy Birthday to the most Special one in My Life.
  • Some day, we’re going to have to look at this on your birthday, and we’re all going to laugh at ourselves doing the things we’re least expected to do. You’re one in a million. Happy Birthday, Dearie.
  • It’s time to enjoy the best of your special day! I hope life will bring you joy and laughter.
    Happy birthday.
  •  You’re never too far away for the shining star on your special day, because you’re always staying in my thoughts. Happy birthday, Sweet.
  • Strung are the streamers and colorful are the balloons. It’s time for some fun and your life to be celebrated. Happy Birthday.
  • Let’s light your day with colorful candles. You’re worth it! Thank you for your support and golden friendship, I’d be much less content without it. Happy birthday!
  • Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day and it’s full of fun and excitement in the year ahead. I hope all your wishes and dreams for your birthday will come true.
  • I hope your birthday will be full of rainbows and sunshine! On your special day, give you the best wishes. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!
  • I hope you’ve got a great day and that the year ahead is full of love and a lot of wonderful surprises. Have a happy, safe, wonderful birthday and many more good years ahead.
  • You’re filling my life with fun, love, and hope, and I can’t ask for more. Happy birthday to you, and as you live you may never forget me.
  • Happy birthday for a beautiful soul like yours, I wish you a big happy birthday and hope you got everything you wanted in life.
  • With thousands of great memories, I wish you a special birthday!
    Wishing you a great year in which most plans and goals are achieved!
  • Have a beautiful, fun-filled, Rocking, Fabulous, Marvelous, Happy, Safe Birthday Now and Forever.
  • I wish all your wishes were fulfilled and nothing would be lacking. Have plenty of champagne and a great birthday party!
  • I wish you a happy birthday, may all your wishes be fulfilled and aspirations come to life.
  • Life is unpredictable very often, just as the weather is. Yet I wish there would be only sunny days in your forecast.  Happy birthday
  • On your very special day, best wishes to you. Happy Birthday, May God shower on you His bountiful grace and blessings more than you can hold.
  • This is my heartfelt prayer for you that God’s love will resonate with you throughout the days of your everlasting life, that happiness and success he will shower on you in boundless grace. Happy anniversary!
  • Do not lament that you are getting older. It is a privilege that many have been denied.
    Happy Birthday!
  • It’s your day today. Fairy dance, rock DJ, dance with friends and girlfriends, ride Hayabusa, swim with hearts out and chase the rainbows. Happy Birthday
  • This is me praying sincerely for you that God’s love abounds with you throughout the days of your life infinite, may he shower boundless grace on you with much happiness and success. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday sweetheart, and on this happy day I give you my love and wish that all your dreams come true.
  • Young people are a real treasure. Make it exciting and glamorous enough without regrets to spend your old age.
    Happy birthday!
Best SMS for Happy Birthday Wishes
  • From morning to night, may your days be bright, may birthday be filled with light, sunshine, and happiness. Happy Birthday!
  • My prayer and best wishes are with u brother at all times. That you enjoy every movement of your life. Always be happy and give those around you plentiful joy. Happy Birthday.
  • May this year in every way of life be so much better than the last for you. I wish you all good luck, perfect health, and well-being. Happy birthday.
  • I wish you all the joy, good luck and success in your life, have a long life and remain joyous, happy birthday.
  • I keep forgetting that I’ve got a soft heart, that I’m sad when you’re sloppy with your words. 
  • I would like to extend my best wishes on this special day of yours, God bless the day you were born, Happy Birthday.
  • Your smile ignites the joy that changes the world. I wish you a happy birthday. Have a lot of fun.
  • Again, it’s your special day, and wow! Now you’re a year older! So clown around and have fun making this birthday your best. Happy Birthday!
  • Birthdays are a new beginning, a fresh start, and a time to pursue new goals and life endeavors, I pray that you forge ahead with much confidence and courage, You’re a very unique person.
  • Today is the day you were given life for the people around you to be a blessing and inspiration! You’re a lovely person! May more birthdays be given to you to fulfill all your dreams!
  • Happy Birthday! Your life is all about gathering speed and blasting into the stratosphere. Wear a seat belt and enjoy the journey for sure. Happy birthday!
  • In the coming year, may your determination to succeed remain unchanged. May you enjoy every step of the way with good success. Blessed New Year.
  • Remember to count your blessings, not your age, as you go through each year. Count your wonderful experiences, not your errors. Happy birthday to an amazing person!
  • For every moment of your special day, I send you a smile … have a great time and a happy birthday!
  • Look to the future on your birthday and forget about your old days-the best is yet to come. Friend, happy birthday.
  • Thank you for being the kind of brother that always went the extra mile even when it wasn’t necessary. I hope you’ll enjoy this day to the maximum!
  • Happy birthday to someone like me who’s funny, charming, popular, and loving. Congratulations to you on your birthday! You’re amazing.
  • A birthday is one of the most special days of the year-may the light of your life and the brightness of laughter shine forever.

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