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40 Short Prayers for Healing and Recovery


Health is a very important and tangible prerequisite for our well being. God has a keen interest in our health and he is still in the business of healing people.

If you are looking up for prayers for your health then you are in the right place, here are some short prayers for healing and recovery.

Healing & Recovery Prayer Points

Dear father, I thank you for the sacrifices you made for my entire well being by dying on the cross for my sins, sickness, and affliction, I decree that the purpose for your death which includes divine health be revealed in my life today. Amen.

Thank you for the gift of healing, I thank you for health that is being ministered to my body right now, I believe that I am healed because you are the healer of all diseases.

I thank you because I know that you mend broken hearts, I give you all the pieces of my heart so that you will mend it for me and I believe it is mended in Jesus name. Amen

I know that it is your desire that I walk in health I ask dear father, for the grace to be able to birth this reality. Amen

You are the healer of a broken heart and the bearer of my pain, you give comfort to the comfortless and healings to all pains. I ask that you help mend my broken heart and that I will be comforted. Amen

I ask dear father that your life-giving spirit gives life to my mortal body making me totally whole and clean

I have learned that fearing you and departing from evil brings strength to my bones and health to my flesh, so I ask oh God, that you impute in me the ability to fear and reverence you. Amen

You promised in your word that you will restore health unto me and heal my wounds, I ask dear father that these promises be made manifest in my life.

Heal me, oh lord and I shall be healed, I believe in the potency of your healing power, Grant me strength and health oh God.

You sent forth your word and it healed all my diseases, I ask dear father that let there be a manifestation of what your word has done in my life. Amen.

Healing is the children’s bread, I am your child dead father and I bountifully partake of the bread.

Be merciful unto me oh God and heal my soul from every entanglement in Jesus name. Amen

Heal me oh God, for my bones are troubled

You said in your word that you will bring health and healing, hasten your word to a performance in Jesus name. Amen.

Heal our land dear father, from every entanglement and enchantment. Purge us oh Lord from the blood of the innocent that was slain.

You promised in your word to take all sicknesses, I believe strongly in your word, let there be a performance in Jesus name.

It is well with my soul, my body and my spirit in Jesus name.

The lord lives in the inside of me, affliction and sickness cannot have its abode in me in Jesus name. Amen

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