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Safi Faye Biography, history, age, movies, Daughter, Facts


Welcome to the Biography page of Safia Faye. Find out about her age, career, marriage, net worth, wiki, and much more facts.

Who is Safi Faye?

Safi Faye is a Senegalese movie director and ethologist.

What is Safi Faye’s Age?

She was born on November 22, 1943 (age 75) in Dakar, Senegal

Facts you need to know about Safi Faye

  • Safi Faye is the first Sub-Saharan African women to direct a commercially circulated movie titled, Kaddu Beykat.
  • Kaddu Beykat was publicly made available in 1975.
  • She is well-received for giving her best in directing movies, some of her notable works are documentaries and fictional movies that focus more on rural life in Senegal.
  • Safi Faye is from the aristocratic Serer family in Dakar Senegal. Her village is Fad’jal, a small village in the south of Dakar.
  • She attended the Normal School in Rufisque where she earned her teaching certification in 1962/1963, She started teaching in Dakar shortly afterward.
  • She proceeded to Dakar Festival of Negro Arts in 1966 where she met French ethnologist and filmmaker Jean Rouch.
  • Rouch encouraged Safi to use her film making talent as an ethnographic tool.
  • In 1971, she was handed an acting role in a film titled Petit à petit.
  • Even though Faye doesn’t like Jean Rouch films that much, but she confessed that she learns a lot about the art of filmmaking and cinéma-vérité.
  • In the year, the 1970s she proceeded to the École pratique des hautes études and the Lumière Film School where she studied Ethnology.
  • She took up modeling and acting roles in order to be able to support herself.
  • She is the best African female director between the 80s and 90s.
  • She bagged a Ph.D. in ethnology from the University of Paris From 1979 to 1980
  • Faye having had little experience in sound effect decided to study video production in Berlin where she was a guest lecturer at the Free University of Berlin.
  • In 1988, she earned a further degree in ethnology from the Sorbonne.
  • Faye’s works are most appreciated in Europe than in Africa.
  • Faye used to be married and lives in Paris with her only daughter. She is regarded as One of Africa’s Most Underrated Female Filmmakers by several magazines online.

List of Faye Safi films

1972: La Passante (The Passerby)
1975: Kaddu Beykat (Letter from My Village)
1979: Fad’jal (Come and work)
1979: Goob na nu (The harvest is in)
1980: Man Sa Yay (I, Your Mother)
1981: Les âmes au soleil (Souls under the Sun)
1983: Selbe: One Among Many (or Selbe and So Many Others)
1983: 3 ans 5 mois (Three years five months)
1985: Racines noires (Black Roots)
1985: Elsie Haas, femme peintre et cinéaste d’Haiti (Elsie Haas, Haitian Woman Painter and Filmmaker)
1989: Tesito
1996: Mossane

Source: Wikipedia

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