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Top 10 Safest Countries in Africa to Visit in 2021


Are you planning to visit Africa? Here are the top 10 safest countries and African destinations for peace-conscious tourists.

It is not shocking that many visitors think Africa should be avoided with the number of negative pictures and news stories flying around about the continent on the pages of the internet. That’s just not the situation. There are numerous places safe to visit in Africa: the continent is stunning, massive, and culturally diverse.

In Africa, you should not visit certain unsecured countries right now, but it will be highly embarrassing to generalize the whole continent of Africa as unsafe. In Africa, there are entirely safe and non-violent countries in the continent. Even in some nations that experienced the turbulence of recent, there are still some regions and locations within those countries that are very safe to visit.

If you want to witness the beauty of Africa and the uniqueness of its majestic wonders, here are the safest destinations in Africa to visit in 2021.

  • Botswana

Botswana has a landscape of the Kalahari Desert and Okavango Delta, in southern Africa and becomes a rich animal habitat in seasonal floods.

Since it became independent, Botswana has experienced a stable democratic government making it one of Africa’s best and peaceful destinations for tourists and visitors.

Okavango Delta is one of the last major forests in the world, with elephants and lions roaming. It’s one of Africa’s most beautiful and healthy spots for a safari.

Numerous animals, including giraffes, ghettoes, hawks, and wild dogs, live in the vast Central Kalahari Game Reserve, its fossilized river valleys, and undulating pastures.

  • Kenya

Kenya is one of the safest places for tourists in Africa and is also one of the most visited countries on the continent. In East Africa, Kenya has the Indian Ocean coastline.

The reservoirs, the magnificent Great Rift Valley, and the mountain ranges are all part of the region. Wild animals such as tigers, elephants, and rhinos can also be found here.

Its different countryside, including snow-covered mountains, lakes, woods, beaches, and deserts, offers stunning views and an amazing wildlife spectrum.

Hospitality, national parks, the ruins of UNESCO and the breathtaking coastline of Kenya are very popular places in the continent. Fortunately, Kenya eVisa was launched by the government to attract more tourists who would like to visit the country.

  • Morrocco

Over the last few years, North Africa was an unstable and distressed region. On the other side is Morocco which happened to be one of North Africa’s safest countries.

One of the Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea countries of North Africa is Morocco, characterized by its Berber, Arab and European cultural values. For travelers, it is stable and safe.

Visitors will enjoy great weather, a unique cultural heritage, good food and enjoy the charming medieval Marrakesh market town. Rabat Kasbah of the Udays is the capital of Morocco, a royal fortress of the 12th century with a view over the sea.

Morocco is one of the most visited countries in Africa owing to its unique places that provide a good adventurous feel.

  • Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a mountainous country divided by the Great Rift Valley in the Horn of Africa.

In the 1980s Ethiopia was badly starving. Now a pleasant place to visit in Africa, this country is long overdue and now one of the continent’s most food-safe countries.

Ethiopia has a strong historical and cultural heritage and the Ethiopian eVisa is easy to access.It is a place of ancient culture with archeological finds that date back more than 3 million years. Lalibela and its rocky Christian churches dating back to the 12th – 13th centuries are among its major sites.

The Simien and Bale Mountains are 300 meters above sea level and the lowest point in Africa is the Danakil Depression which is 125 meters below sea level.

Aksum is an old town with obelisks, tombs, abbeys, and the church of Our Lady of Zion.

  • Madagascar

Madagascar is the fourth-largest island in the world, situated on the south-east coast of Africa.It is a nation on the Icelandic Ocean, previously known as the Malagasy Republic, some 400 kilometers off the coast of East Africa.

The country was split millions of years ago from the rest of the continent and the biodiverse wildlife and ecosystem has been taking a different evolutionary process. Madagascar is the second-largest island in the world with 592,800 square kilometers.

Madagascar is a stable, excellently-governed country and one of Africa’s safest vacation spots home to Thousands of animal species, including lemurs,  tomato frogs, chameleons, fossas, and more.

  • Mauritius

Mauritius is an Indian Ocean island country popular for its serene beaches, lagoons and reef areas making it one of the most beautiful and safest places to fly to in Africa.

The people are nice and accommodating, the nation is a tropical paradise with a low poverty index.

Mountainous surroundings include the National park Black River Gorges, with waterfalls, rain forests, wildlife such as the flying foxes and hiking paths.

  • The Gambia

The Gambia is a small Western African country with a narrow Atlantic coastline and is bordered by Senegal. It’s known for its rich Gambia river and biodiverse ecosystem.

The Gambia attracts quite a brilliant number of tourists yearly, even though it’s a small country that is often ignored. One of the safe places to go for vacations in Africa is the slim country bordering the Gambia River.

Gambians are polite and welcoming people. It is famous for its various ecosystems and diverse wildlife such as leopards, hippos, monkeys, and hyenas. It features golden beaches, palm trees and quiet fishing villages on its coastline.

Experience the variety of wildlife and rare birds in Kiang West National Park and Bao Bolong Wetland Reserve. The capital city, Banjul and Serrekunda are nearby beach access.

  • Namibia

The Namib Desert along the coast of the Ocean is characterized by Namibia, a country in Southwest Africa. Namibia is one of the safest places in Africa, situated next to Botswana.

Its name stems from the Namib, the world’s largest desert. With its breathtaking dead tree valleys, movement of gravel plains and sand dunes, the coastal desert is truly amazing.

The nation has a number of fauna and a dense population of cheetahs. Windhoek and Swakopmund, the capital of the coastal city, feature German colonial buildings, such as the Christuskirche of Windhoek constructed in 1907.

Beyond the desert is one of Africa’s best places for wildlife observation. At the salt pan of Etosha National Park draws games to the north, including giraffes and rhinos the big cats, tigers, up to 144 mammal families and more than 300 bird species.

  • Egypt

Egypt is one of the oldest tourist destinations not just in the continent of Africa but in the world at large, the country is one of the safest countries to visit in Africa.

Egypt, a land connecting the Middle East with North East Africa, dates back to Pharaoh times. Since the Greek and Roman periods, the country has been drawing tourists. Its main attraction still lies in the pyramids, sphinxes, mummies and other artifacts.

Millennium-old ruins are found in the fertile Valley of the Nile River, as well as the monumental pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx, the  Luxor’s hieroglyphic Karnak Temple and rock-cut tomb of the Valley of the Kings.

In Cairo, the capital, there are Ottoman monuments such as the Muhammad Ali Mosque and an ancient Egyptian Museum.

The Red Sea is no doubt one of the world’s best places to dive and there is a huge range of attractions, hotels, and restaurants in resorts like Sharm el-Sheikh. It is easy to get there with the Egypt eVisa.

  • Seychelles

You must have heard about the archipelago island of enveloping 115 islands in the Indian Ocean and harboring some of the finest beaches in the continent, coral reefs, rare animals, like the giant Aldabra tortoises and amazing nature reserves.

No doubt, Seychelles is one of the most peaceful and safest countries in Africa to visit in the new year, there is a lot to see when it comes to nature and good landscape, the country is always welcoming to tourists and travelers.

Seychelles is a peaceful holiday destination with lots of memorable experience guaranteed.

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