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Safe way to buy Fairly used musical instruments in Nigeria


Are you intending to buy a fairly used musical instrument in Nigeria? It is important that you read this before you go ahead.

The first thing to consider is; is the seller a merchant or Private Seller?

If you are buying, it is useful to know if the seller is a merchant or a private individual. The consumer protection laws are in fact designed for merchants who sell to customers, not for private individuals who sell to other private individuals.

Double-check the detail and identity of the seller

Always look for the most information about the seller. The Internet is an inexhaustible source of information. The more data you can get, the safer your purchase will be.

Be wary of those sellers who are reluctant to communicate their references and who try to divert from your requests. It is essential to know the name, surname, address, e-mail address and telephone number.

An e-mail address that has as its domain the name of a company or organization you know can be considered safer than a home address or post office address.

If possible, in addition to the mobile number, try to get a landline number and verify that the seller also answers that number. All the data that you will be able to collect will always be useful even in the event of a complaint.

 Check the Quality of the Product

Another important thing that is wise to do is to check the quality of the product. Ask for as much information as you can about the object you wish to purchase, reading the published announcement in every detail and not hesitating to request further explanations or images in case of doubt.

Since you are not buying a new product you need to meet the seller to see the product and test it in working mode for more than 30 minutes to 1 hour to make sure the instrument is working perfectly.

A prompt and competent response from the seller can already be considered an index of reliability. Before making any type of purchase it is absolutely advisable to view and analyze the goods in person in order to ensure that the conditions are exactly the same as those described in the announcement. You will also have the opportunity to try the product and get to know the seller.

If you really can’t meet with the seller, we advise you to request images of some details of the object or under different angles: if the seller is serious he will have no difficulty in taking new pictures and sending them, thus showing that the object at least exists!

We also advise you to search the internet to find out more details about the object and possibly compare the price at which it is offered with other listings. Always be wary of offers at excessively lower prices than those on the market. Nobody gives anything!

Basically, if the seller lags behind and does everything to avoid showing the goods in person, does not send additional photos and insists to conclude the sale with a shipment, keep the distance!

Shipping/delivery methods

Make arrangements in advance with the seller about how the delivery will be made. Prefer hand delivery. In the case of shipping, establish immediately who will pay the costs. If the goods are shipped by courier, it is possible to know in real time if the package has actually been shipped and where it is at any time.

Then ask the seller for the shipping number to be able to check it on the website of the shipping company. Upon delivery, check that the package has not suffered damage due to transport.

If you can affix the words “accepted with reserve” next to the signature on the delivery receipt (ask the courier for clarification). In this way, if the goods are damaged due to transport, you can request compensation from the company.

Payment method

The payment of the goods is obviously the most delicate step and therefore deserves more attention.
Do not make advance payments unless you are absolutely sure of the identity of the seller.
We must be cautious in choosing the safest method that at the same time allows us to close the deal in the shortest possible time.

Recommended methods

The safest form of payment is cash. It is not advisable to send money by bank but to deliver it in person upon receipt of the goods, and when you are making transactions, I will advise you do this in a public place like a University campus or better still go with a friend of two to carry out the transaction in broad daylight to avoid being cornered.

Bank transaction
This method is also quite safe, even if there are no reimbursements. However, there is still a trace of the transaction which can be useful in case of problems,  however if you lose your mean using this method and did not get the product, you may end up expending more to get your money back.

Warranty deposit
It is also possible to use the escrow system with which an intermediary is part of the relationship between seller and buyer as a trustee but at the moment there is no functional escrow service in Nigeria to carry out such transactions for you.

If you entered an ad in the “SEARCH” section, be careful!

Lately, the scammers do not wait to be contacted by the victims but they contact themselves those who have inserted an announcement in the “SEARCH” section and pretending to possess the object of the wishes.

So if you entered an ad to search for a musical instrument and you are contacted, be cautious anyway and follow all our tips to buy safely!

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