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Top 10 Richest & Poorest States in Nigeria


Which are the Richest states in Nigeria? if this is your curiosity today, you’re just about to uncover the facts.

Nigeria is generally referred to as the giant of Africa. And the strength of the nation does not only lie on the great population, but it also lies in the buoyancy of the economy.

Nigeria currently has 36 States including the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). The wealth of these states however varies, which is why we have cut down our list to the ten richest states in Nigeria.


Lagos State is really an indomitable giant of Nigeria. It is the richest State in Nigeria, as it is the home of many commercial and business activities in Nigeria. Many companies have their headquarters seated in Lagos State.

The population of Lagos State is estimated to be a whopping number of 21 million people. Its GDP is also estimated to be $33,679 billion. Obviously, Lagos is the most populated State in Nigeria and it is the fifth-largest economy center in Africa.


Rivers State is the second richest state in Nigeria following the Lagos State. The population of the state is estimated to be about 5,198,716 and a gross domestic product (GDP) of $21, 073 billion.

The State is also the second-largest producer of crude oil, following Akwa Ibom State. As such, they host a number of different oil firms. Rivers State is also a home of fishing.


The third richest State in Nigeria is Delta State, which its capital is Asaba. The population of Delta State is estimated to be about 4,112,445 people and a GDP of $16,749 billion. Delta is one of the Niger-Delta states, found in the South-South region of Nigeria.

Delta State is, however, the third-largest crude oil-producing state, which invariably explains the source of their wealth. The state also has traces of agricultural practices that keep them on the list as one of the rich states in Nigeria.


Oyo State, popularly known by its capital, Ibadan comes 4th on this list of top 10 rich states in Nigeria. The population of the estimated to be 6 million people, with a GDP rising up to $16,121 billion.

Oyo State makes it fortunes through so many sites of attraction like the Oyo National Park, Zoological garden and Oyo Empire historical sites.

The state also has tentacles in Agriculture. They produce cocoa, cashew, millet, yam, maize and so on.


Imo State sits on the 5th position richest State in Nigeria following the figures of the gross domestic product (GDP). The state caters for a population of 3.9 million people and a GDP of $14,212 billion.

The eastern heartland, Imo State is the richest state in eastern Nigeria, as it is blessed with a number of mineral resources. There are white clay, Lead, Zinc, Natural Gas and many others in Imo State.

The State is also listed as one of the oil-producing states in Nigeria; it also makes fortune through agriculture, trade, and logistics.


Kano State ranks the richest State in northern Nigeria and as such, it joins the list as the 6th wealthy state in Nigeria. The population of Kano State is estimated to be 9,401,288 million with a GDP of $12,393 billion.

Kano State bears the highest number of Local Governments in Nigeria and it is the most industrialized state in northern Nigeria. Some of the products produced in the country are chili pepper, gum, soybean, garlic, cotton etc.


On this list, Edo State comes 7th. Edo State has an estimated population of 5 million people with a GDP of $11,888 billion. The capital of Edo State is Benin.

The ancient Benin Kingdom is popular and today, the State makes fortune through so many tourist attractions surrounded by intriguing history. Edo State also makes money from the minerals resources bound in its soil.


Akwa Ibom State is one of the Niger-Delta states, located in the South-South region of Nigeria. Thus, it is an oil-producing state.

Akwa Ibom State has a population estimated to be 5,451, 000 million, with a GDP running into $11,179 billion.

Akwa Ibom is the largest crude oil-producing state in Nigeria and it is also one of the most beautiful states in the country.

The State also makes its fortune via the Uyo International Airport and the Godswill Akpabio International Stadium.


Ogun State is a South-Western state of Nigeria, having a population of approximately 3,751,140. The Gross Domestic Product of the State is also estimated to be $10,470 billion.

Ogun State is a home of a great number of manufacturing industries and factories. It is followed by Lagos as the states with the greatest number of industries.

Dangote Cement, Lafarge, Nestle, and so many other companies are hosted on the Ogun State soil.

The state is also a home of many sites of attraction, with the most popular being the Olumo Rock. All these and many other factors join to make Ogun State the 9th most resourceful states in Nigeria.


Kaduna State came 10th on this list because it has a population of 6,113,503 approximately, and a GDP of $10,334 billion.

The state is the seat of many military activities. It bears the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA). Kaduna also is the Nigerian College of Aviation Technology, Nigerian Institute of Transport Technology, Ahmadu Bello University, and so many others.

The State is also well known for its great stance on agriculture and food production generally.

The Richest States in Nigeria by GDP 2010

Rank State GDP
(in millions
of USD)
1 Lagos State US$33,679
2 Rivers State US$21,073
3 Delta State US$16,749
4 Oyo State US$16,121
5 Imo State US$14,212
6 Kano State US$12,393
7 Edo State US$11,888
8 Akwa Ibom State US$11,179
9 Ogun State US$10,470
10 Kaduna State US$10,334


The Poorest States in Nigeria 2021

first I’d like to note that there are no poor states in Nigeria, all states receive allocations and generate internal revenue, it’s just that some states receive more and also generates more IGR than others.

But base on what our users are searching we resolved to use the line, poorest states in Nigeria.

S/N STATES Internally Generated Revenue State Debt Av. Monthly R. R After m. R. E. SustainabilityIndex
1 Plateau 8.28bn 84bn+ -3.22bn+ 2.75
2 Osun 8.51bn 52bn+ -3.45+ 2.81
3 Nassarawa 4.08bn 44bn+ -1.63bn+ 2.90
4 Borno 2.76bn 29bn+ -606mlln+ 3.28
5 Ekiti 3.46bn 39bn+ -512mlln+ 3.65
6 Adamawa 4.99bn 35bn+ -786mllnn+ 3.72
7 Bauchi 4.85bn 45bn+ -508n+ 3.77
8 Zamfara 3.14bn 18bn+ -281mlln+ 3.90
9 Ogun 17.49bn 91bn+ -1.96bn+ 4.11
10 Yobe 3.07bn 7bn+ +194mlln+ 4.27


We have arrived at this list of top 10 most resourceful states in Nigeria through the State’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). With this knowledge, you can now argue with facts and not assumptions.

Meanwhile, if you have questions or suggestions to make as it regards this article, we will be glad to hear from you. Simply hit the comment section and pour out your heart. Which State is missing here?

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