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Top 10 Richest Fuji Musicians in Nigeria and Net Worth (2021)


Do you ever wonder who the richest Fuji musician is in Nigeria are? Are you doubting if ever the fuji stars also have an amazing net worth? Well, this post will cautiously list out the top 10 richest Fuji musicians in Nigeria with their net worth.

Historically, the genre of music that is very prevalent among the indigenous people of southwestern Nigeria is Fuji music. That said, this line of music had been threaded by several artists. The fineness and most successful of them all is late Sikiru Ayinde aka Barrister.

Similarly, Fuji music is largely listened to by elderly ones. They see it as a source of inspiration at home and at work. The young ones also see it as the a la mode that could spice up any ceremonial gathering.

List of Richest Fuji Musicians in Nigeria

However, this post will extensively list the top 10 richest Fuji artists in Nigeria with their respective net worth. So watch out for the estimated net worth of your favorite Fuji artist.

  1. Wasiu Ayinde | Net worth: N800M

There isn’t any point kicking against the fact that Wasiu Ayinde is the richest and the most influential Fuji musician in Nigeria right now.

His style of Fuji music is classic, and it’s mostly listened to by the influential and upper-class figures in the society.

Kwam 1 came into limelight in the Fuji music industry as far back as early 90s and he had grew up fascinatingly to be regarded as a living legend in the industry by both young and old.

Although his major source of income comes from shows but still, he makes enough from records too. His classic style and the class of people that listen to his songs depict that he’s the best in the industry.

However, Wasiu Ayinde Marshall or Ayinde Marshall is the most rated, richest and the best Fuji musician in Nigeria right now with N800M as an estimated net worth.

  1. Wasiu Alabi Pasuma | Net worth: N500M

Wasiu Alabi Ajibola was born on the 27th of November, 1967, in Mushin area of Lagos State. His stage name is ‘Pasuma’, ‘Pasuma Wonder’ and host of others. He is a Fuji artist, actor and a producer.

Pasuma is very popular among the teeming youth and he’s most loved in the ghettos. What’s more, the Importer and Exporter crooner stickers are pasted around public buses in Lagos, Ibadan, Ogun, Osun, Kwara and the likes. That is to show how far his fans loyalty could go.

Pasuma has, and he’s still enjoying success in the Fuji genre of music plus the modern-day music too. He’s arguably the second richest artist in the industry with an estimated net worth of about N500M.

  1. Saheed Osupa | Net worth: N450M

Saheed Osupa and Ajibola Pasuma are the Messi and Ronaldo of the Fuji music industry. Their loyalist could go to any length to prove theirs is better than the other.

Well, Saheed Osupa is also an actor, producer and a highly recognised Fuji musician with deep, meaningful and sermonic lyrics. He’s good, talented and most often regarded as the best Fuji artist among his peers.

Ever since his debut, he had released more than 20 albums and he has an estimated net worth of about N450M which made him the third richest Fuji musician in Nigeria.

  1. Abass Akande Obesere | Net worth: N450M

The ‘Omoge Rapala” crooner was born on the 28th of January, 1965 in Ilorin Kwara State. He’s a popular Fuji musician and popularly called ‘Obesere’. When he was active in the industry, he used to be one of the highly celebrated Fuji musicians.

Although most of his songs lyrics are dirty and meant for the adults, he managed to have a very huge fan base then before he became an actor and businessman. His net worth is valued around N450M.

  1. Sule Alao Malaika | Networth: N400M

That Sule Alao Malaika came 5th on the top 10 richest Fuji musicians in Nigeria list wouldn’t come to you as a surprise. Is it? Well, I’ll say the guy climbed a very steady ladder to success.

Malaika source of income comes from shows, tours within and outside the country and record sales. Being one of the top Fuji stars in Nigeria, Sule Also Malaika has an estimated net worth of N400m as at the time of compiling this article.

  1. Adewale Ayuba | Net worth: N400M

Adewale Ayuba is also one of the fine artist that has ever grace the Fuji music industry. He released his first album, “Ibere” when he was 17.

Ever since then, he had go on to release several songs. Among them are Ijo Fuji (Fuji dance), Igi da, Bubble, Ife and others. Being the 6th richest Fuji artist, Adewale Ayuba net worth is estimated to be around N400M.

  1. Remi Aluko | Net worth: N350M

Without any form of disrespect or prejudice, Remi Aluko Fuji music pattern is mostly loved by the commercial vehicle drivers, conductors, motorcyclists and the likes.

Remi Aluko also has enormous wealth to reckon with, and it will be very partial if he’s not on this list. According to NigeriaWiki, he’s having an estimated net worth of N350M.

  1. Sefiu Alao | Net worth: N250M

Another Fuji artist on the list is Sefiu Alao who is fond of calling himself ‘Omo Oko’. He’s also a Fuji star with most of his fan based in Ogun State.

As one of the talented Fuji musicians, Sefiu Alao Net worth was estimated to be N250M.

  1. Muri Thunder | Net worth: N200M

Muritala Ademola Saludeen with the stage name Muri Thunder is the 9th richest Fuji star in Nigeria base on research and findings. He came from a humble family and grew up in the ghetto before he came into limelight in the Fuji music genre. His net worth is N200M.

  1. Taiye Currency | Net worth: N100M

The last but not the least on the top 10 richest Fuji musicians in Nigeria as at 2021 is Taiye Currency. He has an estimated net worth of N100M or thereabout.

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