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Public Holidays in Nigeria 2021


What Is Public Holiday?

Public Holidays are National Holidays or better still you can call them Legal Holiday or officially declared Holiday by the Government or by state established laws of the country, Many of these Public Holidays have become Norms they are observed from year to year.

However, there are some cases that the Nigeria government may need to declare a Public Holiday that is not entirely on the list, that not just happen in Nigeria alone but also in every other Sovereign States.

Nigerians are known to be hardworking people and very industrious, the public holidays are time Nigerians retreat from work and have some fun and quality time with family and loved ones.

It can be a very hectic day to travel so far for an appointment and in the middle of the Journey you only discovered that you are trying to meet up with your appointment on a wrong day because it is a public Holiday.

Public Holidays are observed everywhere and even in Nigeria. In these days offices and Government parastatals don’t perform any form of Official duties, which means that private and public companies including banks will be closed in order to observe the holiday.

The essence of bringing you these dates is to help you schedule well your time, so you get caught unawares, it will also help you to plan well your time and schedule important meetings and plan ahead of important dates as the case may be.

Having firsthand information about Nigeria public holidays will help you not to waste your time and resources. So we have taken time to compile the list of all the major public holidays in Nigeria 2021, in order to help you know how to plan your time and days ahead for events and meetings for the year 2021.

Public Holidays in Nigeria 2021

Date Name Type
Jan 1 Friday New Year’s Day Public Holiday
Mar 8 Monday Women’s Day Observance
Mar 20 Saturday March Equinox Season
Apr 2 Friday Good Friday Public Holiday
Apr 3 Saturday Holy Saturday Observance, Christian
Apr 4 Sunday Easter Sunday Observance, Christian
Apr 5 Monday Easter Monday Public Holiday
May 1 Saturday Workers’ Day Public Holiday
May 13 Thursday Id el Fitr Public Holiday
May 14 Friday Id el Fitr additional holiday Public Holiday
May 27 Thursday Children’s Day Observance
Jun 12 Saturday Democracy Day Public Holiday
Jun 21 Monday June Solstice Season
Jul 20 Tuesday Id el Kabir Public Holiday
Jul 21 Wednesday Id el Kabir additional holiday Public Holiday
Aug 10 Tuesday Al-Hijra (Islamic New Year) Local holiday
Sep 22 Wednesday September Equinox Season
Oct 1 Friday National Day Public Holiday
Oct 19 Tuesday Id el Maulud Public Holiday
Dec 21 Tuesday December Solstice Season
Dec 22 Wednesday Sambisa Memorial Day Local holiday
Dec 24 Friday Christmas Eve Observance, Christian
Dec 25 Saturday Christmas Day Public Holiday
Dec 26 Sunday Boxing Day Public Holiday
Dec 31 Friday New Year’s Eve Observance

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