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Price of Mattress in Nigeria 2021 (Winco, Vonofoam, Mouka, Royal, Sara, Unifoam, Vitafoam)

Mattress Brands in Nigeria, Products and Prices

There are different sizes of mattresses and brands in Nigeria, we have collected all of the major brands of mattress in Nigeria, their mattresses and prices.

Price of Mattress in Nigeria

please note that the prices may subject to change, they are just near estimates to give you a clue on the prices of mattresses from Winco, Vonofoam, Mouka, Royal, Sara, Unifoam, Vitafoam which are the top Mattress manufacturers in Nigeria.

Mouka Foam Mattress Prices in Nigeria

Product Features prices
Mouka Regal (ORTHOPEDIC) MOUKA Regal is an extremely good ORTHOPEDIC mattress fabricated from high-density foam materials of quilted premium-grade jacquard. One of its main advantages is the fact that it helps to support your back N88,300.00
Mouka Comfy This is yet another cost-effective low-density mattress from Mouka, it is covered in a poly-cotton textile that is super comfortable. It is made available in several bright color variants so you can be able to go for the ideal choice for yourself and family N10,900.00
Mouka Dreamtime Here we have the Mouka Dreamtime water-resistant mattress that guarantees your bed wetting kids a happy night rest. N11,800.00
Mouka Flora The Mouka flora mattress is an Ultra quality, medium density mattress that comes covered with quilted polycotton textile to give users a great level of comfort at sleep, it is made available is several color variants to blend perfectly with your home design needs. N34,400.00
Mouka Mondeo (SPRING) The Mouka Mondeo Spring Mattress is fabricated from highly tempered knotted Bonnel Spring, to give firm support. N72,400.00
Mouka Regina (SEMI ORTHOPEDIC) The Mouka Regina is a semi-orthopedic mattress suitable for providing super restful and very comfortable sleep. N57,800.00

Royal Foam Mattress  Prices in Nigeria

product Features price
Royal Amarya Density Foam * Printed Poly Cotton Fabric cover *Fully Quilted Mattress for super comfort N9,300.00
Royal Amaze (SPRING) European Spring Quality Assemblage * Well layered construction to enhance the density and give super comfort. N66,300.00
Royal Economy Royal economy foam is covered in printed poly cotton fabrics that is well quilted to provide super comfort N30,300.00
Royal Elite (SEMI ORTHOPEDIC) Royal Elite Density is a high jacquard design fabric that is fully quilted to give super comfort N43,800.00
Royal Gallant Royal Gallant is a super Density Foam Jacquard that is fully covered with well Quilted fabrics to give a great level of sleep and resting comfort for users N34,800.00
Royal Infinity (SPRING) European Spring Quality Assemblage * Well layered for extra comfort N112,600.00
Royal Marvel (SPRING) European Spring Quality Assemblage * felt layer constructed to give quality Densities for super comfortability N136,000.00
Royal Premium (ORTHOPEDIC) Density rebound foam with jacquard design fabrics cover, fully quilted to give soft and bulky feel for more comfort N48,200.00


Sara Foam Mattress Prices in Nigeria

product Features prices
Sara Diamond A medium density foam covered with superior cotton fabric and brilliantly adjust with the contour of your sleeping body to provide necessary support N17,600.00
Sara Flex A viscoelastic foam mattress in  flowery woven fabric clothing that reduces contact pressure on the body and also stimultaes peripheral circulation N31,700.00
Sara Liberty Extreme quality mattress from Sara, it is covered in several attractive colours and nice to the touch knitted Jacquard fabrics N33,100.00
Sara Omega (ORTHOPEDIC ) The omega Sara foam is a highly elastic mattress with 100% rebound and recovery rates. It helps ensure the correct position of you spine during sleep N48,500.00
Sara Prestige  (SPRING) Sara prestige is a premium looking high quality synthepon quilting covered fabric material, it is designed to provide optimal body support for your body at sleep. N86,900.00
Sara Stylo A resilient foam mattress covered in flowery woven fabric. A bottom line product beautifully presented… N30,900.00


Unifoam Mattress Prices in Nigeria

Product product features price
Unifoam Emerald Unifoam Emerald is one of the best mattresses to get a mild feel between too soft and too firm N37,400.00
Unifoam Flex Unifoam Flex is the perfect balance for softness and support N35,400.00
Unifoam Jade BE in control of your sleep with the Unifoam Jade mattress N28,500.00
Unifoam Onyx Want a mattress that is worth every penny and super comfortable, then check out Unifoam Onyx mattress N30,200.00


VitaFoam Mattress Prices in Nigeria

products product Description price
VITA CORONA Corona is a medium density mattress covered in non-quilted for teens, middle-aged persons that have bodyweight under 80kg N51,800.00
Vita Flex (SPRING) If you are looking for an affordable yet durable spring mattress then you can check out the Vita Flex spring mattress, it is manufactured to give customers a very  comfortable rest owing to its inner core spring N53,900.00
VITA GALAXY (ORTHOPEDIC) High density * Chip foam covered * Covered in quilted textile * Durable * comfortable and firm, and high quality N76,300.00
Vita Galaxy Classic High-quality semi orthopedic Mattress designed in Sandwich form, it is perfect to use by both adults and young ones. N69,300.00
Vita Grand Medium-density flexible foam. * Family’s favorite N39,900.00
VITA SHINE Medium-density Mattress *  Covered up in non-quilted textile * offers good sleeping comfort for middle-aged and young people N9,800.00
Vita Supreme Top-quality * Durable *High density * super flexible foam. Moderately hard to give desired sleep comfort N56,300.00

VonoFoam Mattress Prices in Nigeria

products product description price
Vono Comet Vono Comet is innovated to give outstanding superior comfort N30,800.00
Vono Orthofirm Vono Orthofirm conforms to body shape and relieve pain and pressure N57,500.00
Vono Restapaedic (ORTHPEDIC) Vono Restapaedic (ORTHPEDIC) gives excellent support over the sleeping area and give excellent support for bad back N78,300.00
Vono Sleepwell Vono Sleepwell is sa comfort grade Nigerian mattress craftsmanship N42,800.00
Vono Venus Vono Venus gives the highest level of comfort as it distributes your weight evenly. N45,000.00
Vono Victoria Want a great night’s sleep to turn to the Vono Victoria mattress, bulky feel and super comfortable N42,000.00


Winco Foam Mattress prices in Nigeria

product-name product-des price
Winco (ORTHOPEDIC) Winco Orthopedic range of mattress is designed to suit bad back N33,600.00
Winco Blossom Winco Blossom.. N29,500.00
Winco Comfort The comfort range is medium density mattress designed to give firmness and the needed support for a comfortable sleep N30,400.00
Winco Delight Winco delight comes in gold floral design with blue color theme suitable for mid-income earners that want something perfect for a blissful night’s sleep N29,100.00
Winco Elegant Winco Elegant provides an excellent night’s comfort and support N31,000.00
Winco Granduer Grandeur product is a foam covered in double knitted Jacquard fabric, it contours and mould our body for a perfect sleep comfort N35,100.00
Winco Merit Have a most peaceful night’s sleep with Winco Merit Mattress. N27,000.00
Winco Spledor Winco Spledor Mattress is a comfort grade mattress sumptuously soft to give an extra level of comfort N30,600.00

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