Home News Education Postponed WAEC, School Resumption – Nigerians React Angrily, State Consequences

Postponed WAEC, School Resumption – Nigerians React Angrily, State Consequences

Postponed WAEC, School Resumption – Nigerians React Angrily, State Consequences

The Nigerian government responded after the school reopened for graduate classes had been suspended. 

On Wednesday after the weekly Federal Executive Council, the Education Minister Adamu Adamu declared the postponement indefinitely of WASSCE (West African Senior School Certificate Examination) for 2020, chaired by President Muhammadu Buhari. 

Adamu emphasized that students would risk their academic year rather than be exposed to dangers during the coronavirus pandemic. 

The new technology has generated criticism and varied social media responses from Nigerians. 

Many have expressed concern that the delays in opening schools and the inability to require students to take the WAEC exams would affect those in previous classes and universities. 

Here are some comments gathered by Daily Post from Twitter;

@ProfCS5 “What happened to pool testing WAEC candidates and letting them write their exams? We need to find a way to live with this virus! Knee jerk reactions will not save us!

@Dtraveller01 “It is only Nigeria that is claiming not ready to reopen school among the 5 West Africa member countries. Ghana with worse COVID-19 cases has been ready more than a month ago to take the exam. Don’t just lock the school, what actions are you taking to reopen schools?”

@Akinolafestus “Level of risk taken differs. What do we lose if WAEC is delayed till January or Feb 2021. Higher education too cannot resume. The best is to shift everything forward including University/polytechnic admission forward.”

@FreddyMarshall “At least, the government won’t be liable for children’s health.”

@HisMkay “My problem is not this SS3, the next coming SS3. One year has been removed from your classes. You guys will repeat SS2 or there will be SS4.” @NiyiOyinlola “We can reopen schools, the guidelines needs to be improved. All final year students from primary to tertiary

institutions have enough space to do anything they need to do.”

@Samisah01 “Dead people don’t get degrees. I am personally affected by this closure as a teaching staff but to be honest, we have to consider safety before anything else. Only the living can go to school.”

@OgbeniDipo “It is very unfortunate that students won’t be taking WAEC this year. So they would potentially lose a year because of coronavirus. As unfortunate as it is, most people will agree that it is what it is and there is nothing the government can do, if schools cannot be safely opened. “The Federal Government and National Assembly will have to find a way to compensate students who will miss WAEC this year. Perhaps for next year, allow anyone with 150 & above in JAMB exam get into the university of their choice. There are no easy solutions.”

@Chidi Peter “I agree. It’s only when we are alive that we can go to school. The dead cannot go to school.”

@OforPeter “Do these people somehow believe that school children are locked indoors in their respective homes. Or that this corona virus is concentrated in schools?

@FatopeTilewa “But these students are already in the market helping their parents, some are even going to tutorial already, so why can’t they go to school?”


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