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Osita Iheme Bio: Age, Wife, Height, meme, Net Worth 2021, Death rumours, Instagram


Welcome to the profile as well as the history page of Osita Iheme, a humorous comedic Nollywood actor that is well-received for his natural shortness.

Read on to find out more about his Movies, Family, Marriage, Videos, profile, history, Child, father, mother.

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Osita Iheme Popularly known as Paw Paw by movie fans is a famous Nigerian actor, entertainer and film entrepreneur. He came to limelight after his portrayal as ‘ Pawpaw ‘ with Chinedu Ikedieze in the film Aki na Ukwa, where they both acted as naughty twins.

Image from Instagram @osita.iheme

His fame in the entertainment frontal in Nigeria helps him to amass a growing fanbase nationwide.

Pawpaw is rated amongst Nigeria’s most creative which earned him the 2011 African Film Academy Award for Lifetime Achievement.

Iheme is the founding person of Inspired Movement Africa, an organization he put in place to serve as a source of encouragement and empowerment to young Nigerians and other Africans.

Osita Iheme Education

He had his elementary and secondary education in the state where he was born but later proceeded to Lagos State University (LASU) where he bagged a BSc. in Computer Science, some other online sources such as disclosed that Iheme proceeded to Enugu State University to studied Mass Communication.

Osita Iheme Age |  Birthday

Osita Iheme is 37 years old in 2019, he was born on February 20, 1982, in Abia State. He spent most of his early childhood in the place of his Birth, Abia.

Osita State of Origin

He hails from Mbaitoli local government area in Imo State in the South-Eastern part of Nigeria.  With his comic roles, Osita continued to enliven his creativity and carve out a niche for himself.

Parents: Father | Mother

His is a family of seven, he has 4 other siblings, Osita’s parent’s names are Herbert (father) and Augustine Iheme (mother).

Osita Iheme Relationship | Marriage

Osita Iheme is not currently married, although he was reported to have married in 2017, it all probably seems to be yet another media conspiracy theory. The speculations were published by a Nigerian online media outlet that published that the relationship between Iheme and Nana Ama McBrown,a Ghanian actress may aggravate to the next level.

Not long, his close friend Chinedu Ikedieze got married, all eyes focused on Iheme with assumptions that he would fall in line shortly.

The actor who tends to keep his personal life away from the media’s prying eyes, however, does not seem to be in a rush to take the giant leap forward.

However, at leisure, he catches fun playing football, relaxing and reading books. He also loves watching TV. He is not yet married but he likes to settle for an intelligent and god-fearing woman as his life partner.


Osita Iheme’s height in feet is 4 ft 3 in/133 cm which happened to be one of his unique selling points, it is rare for someone of his age to be this short, and the shortness has turn out to be an advantage for a good looking and talented chap like him.

Pawpaw Movie Career

The actor admitted in an interactive session while talking about himself that he always realized when he grew up that he had a talent for acting. He was participating in drama at his local church as a teenage boy.

He further explained that his peers had always admitted to his acting prowess and further encourage him in the line. Osita stated that aside from his innate talent, that he as well bootstrapped by learning from watching films so he could improve on his self-confidence as an upcoming thespian.

He kept playing a child’s roles in several movies, making him a prominent actor of comedy. Osita has evolved from a comedic actor to a multifaceted yet well-defined actor portraying more thoughtful and sensational roles in his career.

For more than a decade, Osita has managed to stay active in Nollywood, and in a recent interview, he made a few notions about the industry.

Music Career

Pawpaw founded a record label branded Young Boss Record in 2017, Osita Iheme delved into the Nigerian music industry with this huge leap. Two musicians Barrister Max and Charisma were also signed on to his record label.

He is thoughtful to have set up the record label in order to be able to help some of struggling Nigerians aspiring to get in into the music industry and be successful.

He came to realize that there are so many gifted young people in the country who find it pretty hard to further propagate their creativity due to lack of opportunities. In order to lend a hand of support to these young people, Young Boss had to be established.

Political Ambition

Osita said he had hopes of entering politics in the near future. He assumes that actors are the voice of the people, and politics is a wonderful opportunity for them to avoid sitting on the fence, but to be deeply active in the nation’s affairs.

As part of his entrepreneurial ventures, Osita Iheme has set up a transportation company from the South-East to Lagos.


He is the Spokesperson for the New Generation for Rotary International District 9110 and the author of an inspiring book called INSPIRED 101.

Osita Iheme and Chinedu Ikedieze

Osita Iheme conjunction with his close pal Chinedu Ikedieze founded a film production company named APEN (Akin & Pawpaw Entertainment Nigeria) in 2012.

After his debut as an actor, Osita has appeared in more than 200 Nollywood movies. He has impressed his growing fans as a multi-faceted actor who can perform both dramatic and humorous roles. Osita Iheme is one of the most highly sought after actors in Nollywood within a space of a decade.


In 2007, at the African Movie Academy Awards, Osita Iheme received the Lifetime Achievement Award. He was also honored as a Member of the Order of the Federal Republic (MFR)  in 2011.


He has been a source of several comic interactions and reactions amongst fans online and social media, I can’t imagine how many super funny Osita Iheme’s meme you will find on the internet.

Net Worth

Osita Iheme’s net worth in 2019 is estimated at around $3.5 million, review his on for his net worth in 2021 and we shall update this page as soon as we found something concrete on the subject matter.

Death Rumours

The actor in not dead, he is very much alive and well.

Osita Iheme Meme

Is Osita Iheme’s meme has been used by Fenty Beauty and 50 Cent amounting to a big win for Nollywood. Iheme meme are very popular in the days of the vine, and he is praised as the Nigeria film star behind some of the most popular memes of all time on social media, especially twitter.

Social: Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat

  • Instagram: @osita.iheme
  • Twitter: @ositaiheme

List of Osita Iheme Movies

  • Mirror Boy 2010
  • Markus D Millionare 2008
  • Stubborn Flies 2007
  • Boys from Holland 2006
  • Brain Box 2006
  • Criminal Law 2006
  • Jadon 2006
  • Last Challenge 2006
  • Remote Control 2006
  • Royal Messengers 2006
  • Winning Your Love 2006
  • Young Masters 2006
  • Colours of Emotion 2005
  • Final World Cup 2005
  • Holy Diamond 2005
  • I Think Twice 2005
  • My Business 2005
  • Reggae Boys 2005
  • Secret Adventure 2005
  • Spoiler 2005
  • Village Boys 2005
  • American Husband 2004
  • Big Daddies 2004
  • Columbia Connection 2004
  • Daddy Must Obey 2004
  • Mr.Ibu 2004
  • 2 Rats 2003
  • Aki na ukwa 2003
  • I’m in Love 2003
  • Baby Police 2003
  • Back from America 2 2003
  • Charge & Bail 2003
  • Tell Them 2003
  • Good Mother 2003
  • Informant 2003
  • Johnny Just Come 2003
  • Nicodemus 2003
  • Nwa Teacher 2003
  • Twin Brothers 2003
  • Aka Gum 2002
  • Okwu na uka 2002


Osita Iheme Video on YouTube

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