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Nigeria Visa on Arrival: Requirements, How to Apply in 2021


What is the application process and requirements for Nigerian Visa on Arrival? You’re just about to find that out now!

Visa on arrival, officially known as Business electronic-Visa on Arrival, is the latest visa application process made available by the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) exclusively for business travelers.

This type of visa allows foreigners to come into the country as businessmen and investors, once they get into the country, they are issued the entry visa at the port of arrival before they can officially enter the country to carry out their business activities.

Countries registered under the African Union (AU) and business travelers are the only people eligible for this type of visa. Visa on arrival is not available to countries registered under ECOWAS.

The Nigerian visa on arrival is usually issued in the Nigerian immigration office at the port of arrival (airport, land border, and seaport). Upon arrival, the applicant is expected to head to the office marked “Visa on Arrival” where biometric enrolment will be done and their entry visa will be issued.


  • African Union (AU) Laissez-Passer holder.
  • United Nations (UN) Laissez-Passer holder.
  • Government Delegations.
  • Multi-national Companies’ Executives.
  • Internationally renowned business persons.
  • Workers of internationally recognized organizations.


Step 1: Online Application and Fee Payment;

  1. Applicants are to begin their Nigerian visa on entry application by visiting the application portal of the Nigerian Immigration Service by clicking here Apply for Nigerian Visa on Arrival.
  2. Carefully fill the form with your right information and make the payment and keep a copy of your payment receipt (cash payment is prohibited).
  3. You will be required to link your Nigerian visa on arrival account with your email account for security.
  4. You are expected to upload the original scanned copies of the following documents:
    1. Passport Photograph
    2. Copy of Passport Data Page
    3. Copy of Flight Return Ticket
    4. Application Letter
    5. Invitation Letter from Your Host Company (Not Required for Government Officials)
    6. Certificate of Your Host Company from Corporate Affairs Commission or Letter of Permission for NGOs (Not Required for Government Officials)

Your Nigerian visa on arrival Application Letter should be addressed to the Nigerian Immigration Service Comptroller General. It should contain the following information:

  • Name and Nationality of the Applicant
  • Applicant’s Passport Number
  • Aim of Visit
  • Intended Date of Visit
  • Intended Port of Entry
  • Flight Schedule
  • Nigerian Accommodation Address or Hotel Reservation
  1. Once your visa application has been successfully completed, you should print the receipt that is issued to you.
  2. 48 hours (2 business days) is needed to process your visa application and your approval confirmation and letter would be forwarded to the email address linked to your visa application account as stated in point 3 above.

Step 2: Biometric enrollment, Immigration clearance, and Visa issuance at Port of Entry;

Before leaving your country, make sure your print the letters sent to your email and also have a copy of your payment receipt. Proceed to space/officed tagged “Visa on Arrival” where your biometrics, clearance, and visa will be processed. You will be expected to provide the original copies of the following documents at the Port of Entry:

  • Payment receipt as proof of online payment
  • Visa Approval Letter emailed to you (this letter is valid for 14 days from the day it was sent to your mail)
  • Valid Travel Passport with at least six months validity
  • Proof of your Flight Return Ticket.

It is important to note that successful online payment doesn’t mean your application letter has been approved, you are advised not to travel into the country until your Nigerian Visa on Arrival Letter has been sent to your email.

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