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Top 10 Online Nigerian Discussion Forums (2021)


Which are the best Nigerian discussion forums in 2019.  You will agree with me that  forums are one of the oldest types of websites on the internet.

Despite the years, they remain one of the favorite places for debates of all kinds on the part of Internet users.

Forums are a tool that has been present since the beginning of the Internet. 

From general forums in which to talk about all kinds of things with tens of thousands of users to much smaller sites to talk about a specialized topic.

Forums are still a place of meeting and debate on the Internet that bring together hundreds of thousands of people

Normally, Forums have sections, or subforums, for specific topics within a general theme. Thus, in a forum of, for example, videogames, we will find an area to talk about new releases, others for a specific console, another for the rest of topics that have no place in other subforums, etc.

The forums have seen their fame diminished with the emergence of social networks, which provide much more immediate communication, but they are still platforms that gather thousands of people to talk about the topics that interest them.

Which are the best Nigerian discussion Forums?

Usually the Nigerian forums with the highest number of users are considered the best to get answers on just about anything, although the quantity is not always equal to quality. List with some of the best online forums in Nigeria, which can also add those who know and believe they should be in this Ranking.  

But with time, the popularization of the internet and the use of memes , have become corners full of all types of humor, where you can also inform and ask questions on any subject. There are many forums on different topics but in this article we have compiled the largest forums in Nigeria.

1. Nairaland

Nairaland no doubt is one of the biggest, and foremost Nigerian forums with more than 5 million registered members from Nigerian locals and in Diaspora.

The site has grown to become a huge information portal for Nigerians where you can find quick answers to just about any topi whatsoever.

The forum was created by Seun Osewa- a Nigeria in 2005 and has since grown to become the biggest Website in Africa. 

The Nairaland politics works as a community and board to post about anything on political matters, being one of the most popular and active Internet forums, much more the platform has become an advertisement hub for big platforms to promote their products and brands.

2. Naijapals

Naijapals is One of the best-known Internet forums and the largest forum in Nigeria with hundreds of thousands of users.

The forum is known by the strength of its community, formed mostly by young men. This forum is known for its specialty in different discussions that relates to mostly music, movies, politics, general News and other different things an average Nigerian may have to go through daily.

3. Gistmania

Another great discussion forum in Nigeria is Gistmania, as the name implies, is a discussion platform now for news and daily gist sharing, the platform thrives on User generated Contents (UGC).

While Gistmania may not be as popular as the first two above, but it brings together under its umbrella a Nigerian community of its own, many have chosen it as their favorite debate space on the Internet.

4. Jackobian

Jackobian is a Nigerian forum dedicated mostly to tech lovers, web developers and people looking to test out new investment opportunities online.

It has managed to create a community with a great sense of belonging and its own identity, the users themselves denominate themselves as Jackobians making it seem that their belonging to the forum is part of their personality.

5. NNU

You will be surprise to see this new Forum on this Page, the platform is barely one year Old and it has already been ranked on Alexa has the 800th website in the world, this can be attributed to the reward system the guys behind the news platform bring into the scene.
I decided to call it a forum because it is Community and also thrive on User Generated Contents (UGC), presently the platform has millions of registered followers who do so in a bit to make cash reading news, sharing news, contributing contents and referring others in a bid to make some cash online.

Some Nigerians have made some cash breakthrough on the platform (but we will not go any further on that). As long has people can get paid on the platform NNU will continue to wax strong and may soon become the largest community not just in Nigeria alone but also in Africa.

6. Wealth Result

This online Question and um used to be a blog that publishes mainly article, few years back the user revamp the platform to become a full-fledge business forum, if you are looking for top-class business and investment information, Wealth result is the go-to forum.

7. Naijaloaded

Naijaloaded is far from being a full fledge forum but have significant and active community. Their is a question and answer platform like askLegit.


Everyknows is yet another question and answer platform in Nigeria

9. Bestnaija

We hope you find these Top 10 Nigeria Forums useful. Share your experience in the comment section, and don’t hesitate to check out our latest report on How to become a sales consultant on Jumia and become your own boss.

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