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Nigeria Postal Code: Lagos, Ibadan, Kano, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Kaduna


The Nigeria postal code is a 6 digit number that identifies the geographical location of any given address in Nigeria.

The first 3 digits correspond to the state and the last 3 represent administrative divisions. This means that you can identify an address by its postal code, which makes it easier for mail carriers to deliver letters and packages directly to your doorstep!

Uses of Postal Code

  • It makes it easier for mail carriers to deliver letters and packages directly to your doorstep!
  • You can identify an address by its postal code, which helps when conducting a search or looking up information on Nigeria.
  • Knowing the first three digits of the postal code will tell you what state in Nigeria corresponds with that location.
  • Websites also require postal codes in order to conduct a search ro to collect the physical address to deliver a package.
  • It is also used by government agencies, such as the Nigeria Immigration Services and Bank of Nigeria for customer verification purposes.

Nigeria Postal Code

The Nigerian Postal Codes consist of six-digit numbers according to NIPOST (Nigerian Postal Service). The country has been divided up into 9 regions for easy reference. 234001 or 11001 is used to denote postcode for Nigeria generally.

If you want to find a state-specific that can be used to find the postcode in Nigeria, there are several websites that can assist you.

One of such websites is On this website, you can input the state and district into the text box to find your postcode.

It has been updated since then to account for all the changes in Nigeria. Postal codes are used to identify an address with a location and state, as well as who should handle postal deliveries of mail there based on its weight.

Knowing the first three digits of the postcode will tell you what state corresponds with that location. The code is also needed when conducting searches online or looking up.

The Nigeria Postal Service has made it possible for you to find the correct postal code by using their online tool, which can be found on NIPOST’s Website.

History of Post Codes

Postal codes were established in Nigeria during the colonial era, but they were not used to identify a location and state.

They also did not correspond with how heavy mail was or which company should deliver it. They simply served as identifiers for individual post offices without any geographical information attached. Postcodes prevent postal offices from overloading and have been in existence since the 1930s.

Users who wish to find an individual postcode can do so on NIPOST’s Website by entering their address into a form, which will then provide them with the corresponding postal code.

Postal codes are also necessary when conducting searches online or looking up information about Nigeria

Ikeja HQ in Lagos is 100001; the lowest postal code is 100001 while the highest postcode is 982002.

The Nigerian States and Postal Code

State Post Code
Abia 440001
Adamawa 640001
Akwa Ibom 520001
Anambra 420001
Bauchi 740001
Bayelsa 561001
Benue 970001
Borno 600001
Cross River 540001
Delta 320001
Ebonyi 840001
Edo 300001
Ekiti 360001
Enugu 400001
Gombe 760001
Imo 460001
Jigawa 720001
Kaduna 700001
Kano 800001
Katsina 820001
Kebbi 860001
Kogi 260001
Kwara 240001
Lagos 100001
Nasarawa 962001
Niger 920001
Ogun 110001
Ondo 340001
Osun 230001
Oyo 200001
Plateau 930001
Rivers 500001
Sokoto 840001
Taraba 660001
Yobe 320001
Zamfara 860001
FCT 900001

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