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List of Nigeria Natural Resources and their Location


Collected here is the list of all Natural Mineral resources and the location where they can be found Nationwide.

The country of Nigeria is such a big country that is greatly blessed with abundant natural resources. Without a doubt, the state of the Nigerian economy is highly determined by these resources.

The more these natural resources are discovered and put to good use, the better the economic state of the nation which will definitely improve the citizen’s standard of living.

Are you aware of the natural resources that exist? Well if you are not, then these are examples of natural resources: Renewable resources which are plants and animals, while non-renewable resources are soil, fossil fuels, and minerals.

Meanwhile, natural resources which are non-renewable are usually discovered in minimal amounts and according to research, it usually takes the earth a long period of time in producing new non-renewable resources and this is the reason why the value placed on this set of resources is really high compared to the renewable resources.

Also, we can group natural resources by their purpose. Under this purpose category, we have the Mineral resources and Agricultural resources. Examples of mineral resources in Nigeria are lead, gold, iron, zinc, rare metals, gemstones, and coal.

Natural resources found in Nigeria vary from industrial materials to a series of valuable stones which include Marble, Gypsum, Barites, Kaolin, and others. It’s so sad that several of these minerals are not exploited yet, and as a result, the citizens of the country are yet to fully enjoy the benefits and values of these resources.

Statistics have revealed that the level at which the natural resources in Nigeria is been exploited is very low compared to the huge deposit available in the country. Good enough, one of the recent National Policy, as regards solid minerals, is to make sure that the Mineral resources in the nation are properly developed.

In times past, Nigeria totally relied on Crude Oil which did not seem to end well, However, after the fall in oil prices in the international scene, there was a call for the diversification of the Nigerian economy so as to make agricultural resources in Nigeria the main focus.

Also, the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Solid Minerals Development has offered foreign and local investors licenses to get them involved in the exploitation of the countless mineral resources in the country.

Now you may be wondering, what are these mineral resources and where are they located? read on to get to know more about Natural mineral resources in Nigeria and certain states in Nigeria where you can find those them.

Nigeria’s Natural Resources (Minerals)

  • In Abia State, these are the natural available there; Lead/Zinc, Limestone, Salt and Oil/Gas.
  • In Abuja, these are the mineral resources available there: Cassiterite, Marble, Tantalite, Kaolin, Magnesite, Clay, Dolomite, Gold, Lead/Zinc.
  • In Adamawa, the mineral resources available are Gypsum, Kaolin, Magnesite, and Bentonite.
  • In Akwa Ibom, the available mineral resources are Clay, Lignite, Oil/Gas, Lead/Zinc Uranium and Salt.
  • In Anambra state, the available mineral resources are Lignite, Oil, and Gas Glass sand, Gypsum, Iron-Ore, Phosphate, and salt.
  • The mineral resources discovered in Bauchi State are Iron-ore Gold, Cassiterite Columbite, Gypsum (tine ore), Wolfram, Coal, Limestone, Lignite and Clay
  • In Bayelsa State, the mineral resources found are Maganese. Limestone, Uranium Glay, Gypsum, Lead/Zinc, Oil/Gas.
  • In Benue State, the available resources are; Salt, Gypsum, Coal, Gemstone, Lead/Zinc, Limestone, Barite,
  • In Borno State, the mineral resources discovered are: Bentonite, Clay, Diatomite, Gypsum, Hydro-carbon, Kaolin and Limestone
  • In Delta State, the mineral resources available are: Clay, Glass-sand, Gypsum, Iron-ore, Kaolin, Lignite, Marble and Oil/Gas
  • In Ebonyi State, the available mineral resources are Gold, Lead/Zinc and Salt
  • In Edo State, the mineral resources available there are: Bitumen, Clay Dolomite, Phosphate, Glass-sand, Gold, Gypsium, Iron-ore, Lignite, Limestone, Marble and Oil/Gas
  • In Ekiti State, the resources discovered there are: Feldspar, Granite, Kaolin, SyeniteandTatium
  • In Enugu State, the mineral resources available are Coal, Lead/Zinc and Limestone
  • Gombe State, the available resources are Gemstone andGypsium
  • In Imo State, the available resources are Gypsium, Lead/Zinc, Lignite, Limestone, Marcasite, Oil/Gas, Phosphate and Salt
  • In Cross River State, the resource available are: Barite, Lead/Zinc, Lignite, Limestone, Manganese, Oil/Gas, Salt and Uranium
  • In Jigawa State, they have Butyles
  • In Kaduna State, they have Amethyst, Aqua Marine, Asbestos, Tentalime, Clay, Flosper, Gemstone, Gold, Graphite, Kaolin, Kyanite, Mica, Rock Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire, Sihnite, Superntinite, Topaz and Tourmaline
  • In Kano State, the resources available are: Gassiterite, Copper, Gemstone, Glass-sand, Lead/Zinc, Pyrochinreand Tantalite
  • In Kastina the resources available are: Kaolin, Marble and Salt
  • In Kebbi State, they have Gold
  • In Kogi State, the mineral resources available are: Cole, Dolomite, Feldspar, Gypsum, Iron-ore, Kaolin, Marble, Talc and Tantalite
  • In Kwara State, the mineral resources available are Cassiterite, Columbite, Feldspar, Gold, Iron-ore, Marble, Mica and Tantalite
  • In Lagos State, the mineral resources available are Bitumen, Clay and Glass-sand, Oil/Gas
  • In Nasarawa Amethyst (Topaz Garnet), Barytex, Barite, Cassirite, Chalcopyrite, Clay, Columbite, Coking Coal, Dolomite/Marble, Feldspar, Galena, Iron-ore, Limestone, Mica, Salt, Sapphire, Talc, Tantalite, Tourmaline Quartz andZireon
  • In Niger State, they have Gold, Lead/Zinc and Talc
  • In Ogun State, they have Bitumen, Clay, Feldspar, Gemstone, Kaolin, Limestone and Phosphate
  • In Ondo state, they have Bitumen, Clay, Coal, Dimension Stones, Feldspar, Gemstone, Glass-Sand, Granite, Gypsum, Kaolin, Limestone and Oil/Gas
  • Osun State has these mineral resources; Columbite, Gold, Granite, Talc, Tantalite and Tourmaline
  • In Oyo State, they have: Aqua Marine, Cassiterite, Clay, Dolomite, Gemstone, Gold, Kaolin, Marble, Silimonite, Talc and Tantalite
  • In Plateau State, they have: Barite, Bauxite, Betonite, Bismuth, Cassiterite, Clay, Coal, Emeral, Fluoride, Gemstone, Granite, Iron-ore, Kaolin, Lead/Zinc, Marble, Molybdenite, Salt, Tantalite/Columbite, Tin and Wolfram
  • In Rivers State, they have: Clay, Glass-Sand, Lignite, Marble and Oil/Gas
  • In Sokoto State, the available resources are: Clay, Flakes, Gold, Granite, Gypsum, Kaolin, Laterite, Limestone, Phosphate, Potash, Silica Sand and  Salt
  • In Taraba State, they have these resources: Lead/Zinc, Kaolin
  • In Yobe State, they have Soda Ash andTintomite
  • In Zamfara State, the mineral resources there are Coal, Cotton and Gold

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