Home News Education Muhammad Mahmood, Minister : Disinfection Of Schools Begins On 7th July

Muhammad Mahmood, Minister : Disinfection Of Schools Begins On 7th July

Muhammad Mahmood, Minister : Disinfection Of Schools Begins On 7th July

The disinfection of schools starts on 7 July-FG 

The disinfection of schools in preparation for the resumption of class activities against the spread of COVID-19 will begin on Tuesday, the Federal Government announced Monday. 

It also explained why the decontamination process was delayed, adding that it had enough teams on the ground to perform the disinfection exercise. 

Environment Minister Muhammad Mahmood made this known at the Presidential Task Force briefing on COVID-19 in Abuja. 

He said, “Earlier I told you that we have sat with the Ministry of Education and we have the list of all the schools that need to be disinfected before resumption. Well, what we plan to do now is to do (decontaminate) the centres that will be used.”

About why the process was postponed, the minister said it was deliberate, because the goal was to make sure that when the schools reopened, the chemicals were successful enough. 

Mahmood Said This, “The delay is because it is better to disinfect and decontaminate within a short period of time so that the kids will be going back into these classes when they have been freshly decontaminated.

“This is because the chemicals we use are chemicals that are not long lasting, they have short contact time to do their job. So we will be getting this done before Monday when they (schoolchildren) will be back to use these classes.”
The minister said the decontamination would start from Tuesday and assured parents that the schools would be safe to learn.

“So it is between tomorrow (Tuesday) and the rest of the week. We have enough teams and people that we will engage to get that done. So rest assured that your kids will be returning to a safe environment when they resume,” He said this.

Mahmood noted that the exercise on decontamination will take place across the country.


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