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Top 20 Movies by Mount Zion Films (we can never forget)


Welcome! We have put together all the best movies of Mount Zion films over the years, many of us owe our childhood to these movies, they are spiritually inspiring and morally impacting and they have successfully shaped some of us to become a better person.

So we think it’s worth the memory to revisit some of the best movies from Mount Zion Films, check out our list below and let’s know what you think about it in the comment section.

Best Mout Zion Movies

1. Ide Esu

Ide Esu” (The Devil’s Bondage) is a soul-lifting Christian movie that has successfully find a way to almost all Christian homes in Nigeria, the Christian film is one of the nest works of Mount Zion films, the movie teaches about the repercussion and evil in doing rituals and blood money.

In order to end the frustrations and afflictions caused by hardship, two friends have chosen the direction of money ritual to commit to many disgusting activities that maintain and improve their riches. They knew nothing that the devil’s gifts come with great suffering and eventually, they are in for a return with their lifes.

2. Agbara Nla (The Ultimate Power)

Agbara Nla translated Great Power in English is another brilliant work from Mout Zion ministries, the movie is powered packed and exemplify the greatness of the almighty. The movie is written and produced by Mike Bamiloye who happens to found the Christian drama ministries alongside his wife- Gloria Bamiloye decades ago.

A convergence of many mysterious entities and their initial leader Isawuru, a formidable herbalist with immense powers for oppressing peasants, is besieging the town of Muwonleru when a young pair of missionaries turn up with the call of God and proclaim Jesus Christ to be a Messiah, a Deliverer from the influence of the night. The battle was drawn and the struggle commenced.

3. One Careless Night

If you think you’ve seen all on how fornication can mar one’s destiny then you need to see this movie, it exemplifies the dangers in the sin of fornication, and how a carefree Christian can be stripped off by the enemy with the sin of fornication when caught off guard.

4. Captives Of The Mighty

Captives of the mighty is another Christian drama that is soul-lifting, it exemplifies the power of prayer in winning against spirit husbands and demonic seductions. It is a movie that will usher you to depend on Christ Jesus for victory in all life’s circumstances.

This film involves a lady who has been victimized by a mystical husband and who insists that she is his wife. They run to Jesus together with her husband, they oppose and conquer the bad in union with their lord at the place of prayer.

5. Just A Little Sin

Sade is unmarried but engaged to a partner, she is a powerful gospel music evangelist, which the Lord vowed to make good use of globally. She accidentally fornicated, and she conceived. She wanted to cover up her guilt with her husband, moving to a far-off location o commit another sin of abortion. She didn’t learn much that she was going to abort her future president.

6. Blood On The Altar

Blood on the Altar tells the story of one Rev. Teni incredibly-oiled man of God but yielded to fleshly lust and committed adultery with his secretary. He asked forgiveness from Heaven, but he did not admit his short-coming to his legal wife, so he just went into the act until he got his secretary pregnant.

7. Apoti Eri

It exemplifies how God protect and preserve his own people, no evil can touch us under the canopy of Christ

8. The Covenant Child

The covenant child teaches not to steal from the Almighty

9. The Great Mistake

At the crossroads of marriage Bayo, a young, energetic, zealous, devoted Evangelist who is also an anti-force to the kingdom of darkness, lost it.

10. The Wounded Heart

She is a Christian who fails to make steady concessions to her employer sexual advances even when her husband cheats her at home, and that breaks her heart.

Most recent mount zion films & Free download to watch

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List of Mount Zion Christian Films


  • Abejoye – The King Maker Part 2 (2016)
  • Abejoye – The King Maker Part 1 (2018)
  • Ajaga Airoti (2015)
  • Unpleasant Yoke (2016)
  • The Spark (2015)
  • Evaluation (2016)
  • Breaking point (2016)
  • Life of the billows (2017)

Other Mout Zion Film

  • Ipenija
  • Secret of the Moment
  • Accursed Children
  • The Ultimate Power
  • House on fire
  • The Great Mistake
  • The Haunting Shadows
  • Blood on the Altar (2-4)
  • The Forgotten Ones
  • One careless night
  • The Stormy Seas
  • The Fruitless Tree
  • Abejoye – The King Maker

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The organization synchronizes both, encouraging students to start up the ACP directly after the OCP, to make things simpler and to save hassle from going back and forth for several months for ACP.

To those who have a glimpse of the Biblical drama and creation, who want to learn how to use his talent for the Lord, and all drama leaders and participants of the congregation, college, or mission, Mount Zion Institute of Christian Theater is ideal for them.

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