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20 Most Expensive Yachts in the world (2021)


Yacht ownership is a symbol of extraordinary wealth, Yacht owners are people of the billionaire club, However, this luxury icon has become a costly possession for some private yacht owners. Most yachts in the world are luxurious assets with jawdropping price tags in value.

The following are 20 of the world’s most expensive yachts, which are unmatched by any other yachting vessel.

If you are considering sailing in any of these someday, then your net worth must be in millions if not billions of dollars.

Here is the list of the top 20 most expensive yacht in the world

1. History supreme


History Supreme tops the top 20 most expensive yachts in the world with a worth of $4.8 billion. It was built from 10,000 kilograms of solid gold and it is owned by the richest man in Malaysia, Robert Knok.

The quite intriguing ship was designed by world-renowned luxury designer, Stuart Hugus It took a minimum of three years to complete and the walls were made of meteorite rocks.
It also has a 24 karat gold Aquavista panoramic wall aquarium.

2. Eclipse

Eclipse is worth $1.5 billion making it the second most expensive yacht in the world.

It belongs to the Russian billionaire, Roman Abramovich.

The Eclipse Yacht has a private defense system, intruder alarms, armor plating, etc and It has two helipads, a disco hall, and 24 guest bedrooms.

3. Street of Monaco

This eye-watering yacht is on number three of the top 20 most expensive yachts in the world with a worth of $1 billion.

As it stands now, the Street of Monaco yacht is still under construction and upon completion, the yacht is going to be equipped with a go-kart circuit, 3 swimming pools, etc.

4. Azzam

Azzam belongs to the President of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al-Nayan.

This mega yacht worth $600 million was built by the renowned Lurssen yachts. It not only has a missile defense system, but it also has a bulletproof master suit.

It is not only the world’s largest megayacht with 590-foot, but it is also one of the fastest yachts that can reach a speed of more than 30 knots.

5. Topaz

Topaz comes in at number five topmost expensive yacht in the world with a worth of $527 million. It was built by Lurssen for Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Abu Dhabi Tycoon in Germany.

Its exterior and interior decorations were designed by Tim Haywood and Terrance Disdale and it was launched in 2012.

It is equipped with a large jacuzzi, a cinema, and a conference room.

6. Motor Yacht A

The 440 million worth yacht with 390-foot was built by Blohm+Voss shipyard and was launched in 2008.

The motor Yacht is owned by Andrey Melnichenke, the Russian billionaire businessman and philanthropist.

It houses a 2500sqft master bedroom, a disco, a helicopter, etc and can hold a total amount of 56 people which includes 14 guests and 42 crew members.

7. Dubai

Dubai Yacht belongs to the Sheik of Dubai, Mohammed Rashid al-Maktoum and the sea racer is said to worth $400 million.

It is furnished with Jacuzzis, a swimming pool, a helipad, and an intriguing circular staircase. She sleeps up to 115 crew of people.

8. Radiant

The next yacht on my list is the Radiant yacht that has a worth of $320 million.

It measures 110 meters long and weighs 5027 gross tons.She is furnished with multiple swimming pools, a helipad, a gym, etc.

It also has a strong water canon that helps defend it from pirate attacks.

9. Al-Said

The 9th most expensive yacht is the Al-Said yacht which is worth $300 million and it belongs to the Sultan of Oman, Qaboos Bin Said Al Said.

The Superyacht is equipped with a large conference hall that can host a 50 piece Orchestra.

It can also accommodate 70 guests and 152 crews.

10. Serene

Number 10 on my list of the topmost expensive yacht in the world is Serene. The 439-foot superyacht belongs to the Russian billionaire “Yuri Scheffler” and it was built-in 2011 by Fincantieri.

The  be rented for $5 million a week. In 2015, the ownership was transferred to Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia and it can hold about 24 guests and 52 crew members.

It is also equipped with multiple swimming pools, two helipads, a submarine, etc. It is worth $300 million.

11. Pelorus

Number 11 on the topmost expensive yachts in the world is Pelorus worth $300 million. It was built by renowned yachts builder ‘Lursen’ and in 2004, Roman Ambrovish, the billionaire from Russia bought it.

The ownership has been transferred to Hongkong based billionaire ‘Samuel Tak Lee’. The superyachts are equipped with two helipads, landing boats, etc. She can hold 46 crew in her crew cabin.

12. Dilbar

Dilbar one of the renowned yachts in the world has a measurement of 360ft in length and over 50ft in height and is worth $256 million.

It is owned by Russian oligarch ‘Alisher Usmanov’ and was built by Lursen yachts.

It debuts as one of the largest yachts in the world comprising of one helipad, several swimming pools and can hold 20 guests and 48 cabin crew.

13. Al Mirqab

The yacht belongs to the former minister of Qatar ‘Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al-Thani. Al Mirqab been named as the second most beautiful yacht in the world with a worth of $250 million.

It comprises of 10 bedrooms, a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, etc and can lodge 24 guests and 55 crew members in its crew cabin.

14. Lady Moura

It is one of the most expensive yachts in the world worth $210 million.

The superyacht consists of a pool that has a roof that is retractable, a helicopter and lettering embellished with 24 gold karat.

The yacht intriguing beauty is also as a result of the unique hydraulic platform it has that is covered with sand and come out of one side, giving its guest a beach-like experience.

It belongs to a prominent businessman from Saudi Arabia, Naseer Al-Rasheed.

15. Octopus

Octopus takes number 17 on the list of top 10 most expensive yacht in the world with a worth of $200 million.

It was designed and built-in 2003 for ‘Paul Allen’ Microsoft Co-Founder.

It consists of a large study, basketball court, recording studio, an outside bar, a whirlpool, and a glass-bottom designed swimming pool.

It also has the ability to house a total number of 62 people which includes 26 guests and 56 crew.

It is equipped with two submarines and two helipads.

16. The Rising Sun

The Rising Sun has a worth of $200 million.

In 2004, It was designed by Jon Bannenberg and it was built by Lurrsen for Larry Ellison.

In 2010, the ownership was transferred to David Geffen and it is recognized as the 12th largest superyacht in the world with a measurement of 138 meters.

The ship consists of 82 rooms, five floors, a basketball court, a wine cellar, a movie theatre.

17. Ecstasea

Ecstasea is a multiple design award-winning superyacht made of steel, it is 85.95 meters long with a beam of 11.50 meters.

It is said to be the largest Feadship ever built.

The superyacht is worth $220 million and it was built-in 2004 by the Russian Oligarch ‘Roman Abramovich’.

It houses 14 passengers.

18. Solandge

Solandge comes in at number 18 of the topmost expensive yachts in the world. The superyacht is a 280-foot superyacht that was built by Lurssen, and it is worth $180 million.

It consists of eight VIP suites, a grand piano, and a glass art installation installed by Murano. In 2017, it was available for rent at the rate of $1.1 million making it the highest-paid brokerage.

19. Aviva

The list of the top 20 most expensive yachts won’t be complete without Aviva.

Aviva is worth $150 million and it is owned by British billionaire “Joe Lewis”.

The Yacht consists of a full-size tennis court and it also houses some of the billionaire’s most valuable items.

Whenever Joe lewis is not in his bananas residence, he is said to be aboard Aviva.

20. Lionheart

Lionheart is one of the most expensive yachts in the world and it is owned by a British retail billionaire “sir Phillip Green”

It was built by the Italian shipbuilding company and was completed in 2016.

Lionheart is $150 million per sail and it comprises of six VIP rooms, several private terraces.

A lot of celebrities such as Kate Moss, Simon Cowell, and Christiano Ronaldo have walked the Deck of this beautiful yacht.

Top Most Expensive Yachts and Worth

  1. History Supreme is worth $4.8 Billion
  2. Eclipse is worth $1.5 Billion
  3. Streets of Monaco is worth $1 Billion
  4. Azzam is worth $600 Million
  5. Topaz is worth $527 Million
  6. Motor Yacht A is worth $440 Million
  7. Dubai is worth $400 Million
  8. Radiant is worth $320 Million
  9. Al Said is worth $300 Million
  10. Serene is worth $300 Million
  11. Pelorus is worth $300 Million
  12. Dilbar is worth $256 Million
  13. Al Mirqab is worth $250 Million
  14. Lady Moura is worth $210 Million
  15. Octopus is worth $200 Million
  16. The Rising Sun is worth $200 Million
  17. Exstasea is worth $200 Million
  18. Solandge is worth $180 Million
  19. Aviva is worth $150 Million
  20. Lionheart is worth $150 Million

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