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Most expensive bottle waters in the world


In today’s guide we bring your the most expensive bottled water money can afford today.

But just before, here is a little info about the substance called water…
Water is largely a relief to all living organisms for survival, making it very ubiquitous, water is almost very cheap if not free in most places around the world, and in some others it can be gold and scarce to find.

There are different types of water (we may not be able to go into details) but the popular one know is that we have Faller fall to the ground when their is downpour (rain) from the skies.

You’re all used to water as a drink, but it’s unimaginable how expensive a bottle of water can be.

The minerals present in water depends on the geographical location where the rain fell.

Water gotten near the coast usually tastes a lot saltier than water gotten from other places.

Planetary science has it that a large portion of Earth’s water comes from comets and asteroids that hit the earth’s surface millions of years ago.

What are the factors that influence the prices of water bottles on this page?

  1. The location where the water is sourced from
  2. Manufacturing cost, branding, and packing cost.

The manufacturers of these expensive water brands usually commit more to the research and development for packaging the water which is part of what Usually influences the cost of some of these costly bottled water.

4. Konai Nagari at $402

The first water bottle on our list is the Konai Nagari and we can say the cost of this water is highly justifiable considering the process of getting this water.

The water also comes in a very attractive and expensive tinted glass bottle packaging, why does the Konai Nagari cost $402 if it’s not made of a diamond-encrusted packaging, well, there’s more to this, and it’s about how the water is sourced, the water is gotten through an extraction process that costs a fortune, the water is sourced from around 2000 ft deep of the Pacific ocean in Hawaii.

This deep sea water has been said to contain lots of health benefiting electrolytes for those that are wealthy enough to afford it, Konai Nagari is exclusively sold in Japan so to have a bottle of this super-expensive seawater the cost may come with planning your next trip to Japan.

3. Bling H2O water at $2700

The bling h20 also known as the thousands is yet another expensive bottled water in the world. It got the name ten thousand from the ten thousand Swarovski crystal that are applied to each of the bottles by hand. Before the Bling h20 is packaged for the final consumer,it has to undergo 9 purification processes making it ( arguably) the best tasting water on the planet.

The Bling H20 naturally alkaline spring water is gotten from Palomar Mountain in San Diego County, Southern California. The ordinary bottle of the Bling h20 is priced $40 to $55, while the special certified edition with the Swarovski crystal is available at $2700.

2. Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani priced at $60000

Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani was named in the Guinness book of record as the most expensive bottle water in the world, the bottled water of 150ml is sourced from fiji island and France in a 24-carat polished gold bottle retailed at a whopping $60,000.

All of the bottles have already been auctioned out and it’s no more in production and it remains the second most expensive bottle of water ever sold on the planet.

And now to the most expensive water money can buy…

1. Beverly Hills 9OH2O’s Lifestyle diamond collection

This is one insane bottle water that cost the same price of with that of a small comact house, the Champagne of water.

There are only 9 bottles of this in circulation, purchasing one of those will earn you one year supply of the Beverly Hills 9OH2O’s Lifestyle Collection.

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