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5 Most deteriorated Countries in the World


In the most deteriorated countries, citizens are not able to meet their basic needs. In Afghanistan, for example, more than two-thirds of the population need humanitarian assistance and over 80% of the country’s GDP comes from international aid.

The World Bank has announced that most of these countries will be unable to achieve economic growth in the future without improved governance.

Below is the list of deteriorating countries

A recent study by UNICEF found that many children in these countries lack access to safe water and sanitation and experience high rates of preventable deaths.

#1. Belarus

Belarus is a country in Eastern Europe that underwent a series of changes during the 20th century. It started out in a democratic society but then became communist and then market-based.

Belarus has been undergoing significant political and economic changes since its independence. It was formerly known as White Russia and was part of the Russian empire until its independence in 1991.

In the past, Belarus had the potential to be a prosperous economy. However, after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, its GDP has decreased by about 90%.

Belarus was once one of Europe’s most prosperous countries. Now it is one of its most deteriorated. Its GDP has decreased by around 90% since 1991 and it has a high rate of unemployment that stands at 42%.

Before 1991, Belarus was an underdeveloped country where life expectancy and health status were low and wage rates were low. Since then, it has had significant improvement in health and lives have become longer due to economic development.

#2. Burkina Faso

It is a country in West Africa and shares borders with Ghana, Guinea, Mali, and Ivory Coast. It was a former French colony that became independent on August 5th, 1960.

The most significant problems faced by people in Burkina Faso are food insecurity and poverty. There is also the issue of malnutrition due to lack of access to clean water. The Burkinabé economy is heavily reliant on agriculture and animal husbandry making it vulnerable to weather shocks such as climate change.

In 2014-2015 Burkina Faso had a GDP growth rate of 2% which has been the lowest for any African country for five consecutive years.

#3. Honduras

There are a lot of countries that have been adversely affected by natural disasters, political instability, and economic turmoil.

However, some countries have had it worse than others. Honduras is one such country that has struggled with an overload of issues ranging from natural disasters to its high rate of violence.

Honduras has faced a lot of challenges in the span of its existence as an independent nation. But it is not the only Latin American country to face these problems because Latin America as a whole has been plagued by poor living conditions and low-income levels for most of its current history.

One thing that makes Honduras unique is that it has had increased attention in recent years due to the number of refugees fleeing their home countries and coming to Honduras for better opportunities.

#4. Azerbaijan

The world is getting smaller and smaller. Information is easier to travel between countries and many people are moving to countries that offer a better quality of life.

These changes have made it harder for some countries to provide as many jobs for its citizens as before, which has resulted in high unemployment rates in these countries.

The most deteriorated country Azerbaijan is one of the poorest and least developed nations in Europe. It was formed after the collapse of the Soviet Union, but it has not been able to develop quickly due to its non-oil-producing economy.

The country’s main source of revenue comes from the oil industry, but following the fall in oil prices it has been left without a reliable income source, which has led to higher rates of poverty and unemployment among its residents.

#5. Zambia

Zambia used to be a source of prosperity and stability in Africa. However, it has since been severely crippled by the struggle for power.

The poor country is now characterized by instability and poverty with the economy on the verge of collapse. The government has been struggling to maintain order as crime rates rise, inflation skyrockets, and public health declines.

Zambia is known for its rich culture but when compared to other African nations it enjoys fewer resources and human development.

The country has seen a sharp decline in investments in education over the last decade that has led to an increasing number of illiterates in the nation.


The most deteriorated countries in 2021 will be Honduras, Haiti, Syria, Afghanistan, and South Sudan. These 5 areas are all riddled with corruption and poverty that prevents them from moving forward as a nation. In order to improve the quality of life for these citizens, we must invest more money into education initiatives such as increasing literacy rates so people can learn skills on their own rather than depend on others.

The future is uncertain and we don’t know what the world will look like in 2022. What we do know is that some parts of the world are less equipped to handle whatever comes their way than others. We have identified five countries that, by our estimation, will be among those most severely impacted by changes in global politics or climate change over the next few years.

These conclusions were based on a number of factors including environmental conditions related to natural disasters such as hurricanes; economic stability relative to other nations with similar population size; political instability due to internal conflict or external invasion (such as military occupation); exposure to pandemics which could lead to mass mortality if not contained quickly enough; and any existing infrastructure challenges caused from previous wars or natural disasters.

Source: Global Peace index 2021- The Institute for Economics and Peace

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