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Mindblowing facts about Trees and Wood


Trees extract nutrients in most of the atmosphere, and only 10 percent get them from the ground.

– 170,000 pencils can be obtained from the trunk of a medium-sized tree.

– No wonder there is a parable that a man in his life should plant a tree. Scientists have proved that one tree produces 120 kilograms of oxygen per year and this oxygen is enough for a family of three also during the same year. Men – to plant trees!

– A car that has traveled several thousand kilometers gives the tree a job of absorbing carbon from the engine of the car for a whole year. The tree processes more than a ton of carbon dioxide in its short life. Why short? According to statistics, the average tree lives in the city is not whiter than 8 years!

“In the forest, trees grow more actively. So 1 hectare of forest can produce more than 6 tons of wood per year.

– Trees at least 20% help reduce the greenhouse effect. Only at such a turbulent rate of deforestation, soon we will live in the desert.

– Our Russian beauty birch every year tries to give the earth-mother about a million seeds. Well, of course, and does not forget about the janitors, so that they do not remain without work.

– Sequoia is proven to be the tallest tree in the world. It grows in America, California. The height of this beauty is 115 meters, and the diameter – 8 meters. I’d like to get on with it!

– Sweden has the oldest tree, or rather the roots of this tree. The roots are more than 9 centuries old. But the tree itself is completely with the crown and with the root system is in the United States. This is a beautiful pine and she is 4500 years old.

“All the people were sitting under the crown of a tree. This was not the past of Hippocratic, the father of medicine. In honor of him in Greece named the tree under which he allegedly sat and treated the sick. It’s called the Hippocratic Tree.

– In wild fig trees growing in South Africa, the root system reaches a depth of more than 120 meters! That’s the power you need to have to transplant such a tree!

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