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Maryam Booth Biography, Age, Phone Number, Net Worth


Welcome to the Information page of Maryam Booth Biography, phone numbers & net worth. If you think you know the actress well then you need to read this to be sure.

Maryam Booth is a budding face in the Hausa movie industry in Nigeria. Some Nigerians may not have heard her name before especially among the many names of the Nollywood industry. Let’s get to learn some facts about this beautiful Hausa actress.

Her birth name was Maryam Ado Muhammed.

How old is Maryam Booth?

The young actress was born October 28, 1993 meaning she will be 26 years old in October 2019. It would surprise you how this young damsel has risen to fame given her young age.

What is Maryam Booth net worth?

Name Maryam Booth
Net Worth $700K / 252 Million Naira
Gender: Female
Profession Kannywood Actress
Date of Birth October 1993
Nationality: Nigerian

According to Netowrthpost Maryam Booth Net Worth is $700,000 or 252 Million Naira.

Where was Maryam Booth born?

She was born in Kano State, in the Northern part of Nigeria.

Who are Maryam Booth Parents and Family?

It was not so big deal for her to enter into the movie industry because some of her family members are already in the industry with all the good cards. Her brother Ahmed Booth is also a veteran actor in Kannywood and her mother Zainab booth is also an actress in the same movie industry. Little wonders she rose to fame and became successful in no time.

She has a mixed descent of Scottish and Fulani this explains why the young actress has light glowing skin. The simple explanation about her mix heritage it that her grandma is of Fulani descent and her grandad is from Scottish descent, this also explains her surname Booth which is a little bit peculiar and foreign.

Maryam Booth Education

Maryam Booth had her elementary education at Maryam Ebony Nursery and Primary School. She proceeded to Ahmadiyya secondary school for her secondary school academics.

Maryam has nurtured interest and passion since childhood, this was so clear when she was in school, she was handed her first stage role in school at the age of 8.

With time, she got into the movie industry through the help of her aunt who introduced her into acting. Her first movie was “Dijangala”.

Maryam has proven her talents and worth in the movie Industry, if you have watched some of her movies, you will agree with me that she is s brilliant and very talented actress, looking back at her career timeline from age 8, you will come to realize that she had contributed a great deal to the industry in her many years of acting, she is known to always give her best and that is what matters to fans and lovers of her acts.

Much more than acting, Maryam is also a budding entrepreneur, she established her beauty spa named MBooth and she is one of the well-received makeup artist and fashion expert in that part of the country.

Is Maryam Booth Married?

No! She is still Single

We have previously given you information on Maryam’s brother Ahmed who is also an actor, her mother, and aunt who is also into acting related businesses, now let’s look into her relationship life.

Has Maryam Booth been in any relationship?

According to reports, Maryam has had a relationship in the past, the romantic friendship lasted for more than 5 years and the duo were set to get married, but it turned out that their marriage talks and plans were overthrown by the family of the man who insisted their son will not get married to an actress.

Maryam has no visible relationship since then and still single and searching for the right MSN. However, she has described her ideal man as someone honest and romantic.

At a point she was questioned about acting male colleagues being an option, she disclosed that to her it is an impossible option.

What is Maryam Booth Phone Number?

For those of you who have been emailing us asking for Maryam Booth Phone Number here is the thing. It will be difficult for any public figure to put their phone contacts online access to the public. However, this does not mean they can’t be contacted, you can reach to Maryam on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Maryam Booth Instagram

Maryam Booth Films

↓ Film Year
‘Yan Mata 2010
‘Yar Aljanna Ce 2010
Akwatin Kudi ND
Alawiyya 2010
Ankwa 2011
Bani Adam 2012
Bani Bake 2015
Bayan Rai 2014
Burina (My Dream) 2010
Dare 2015
Dattijo 2016
Dijangala 2008
Duniyar Mu ND
Fatima Da Siyama ND
Gani Gaka 2012
Garin Dadi ND
Halisa 2013
Ibro Dan Almajiri ND
Ijaabaah ND
Mai Jita ND
Nadawo Gareki 2013
Rariya 2017
Sani Nake So 2013
Son Mai So 2012
Sons of the Caliphate 2016
Tuwon Tulu 2010

Maryam Booth Nude Video

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