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List of Radio Stations in Ibadan 2021


We have compiled the list of all Radio stations in Oyo State and her capital, Ibadan. Frequencies and their location.  Ibadan is the state capital of Oyo state, which is one of the most popular cities in Nigeria with many ancient landmarks.

The people from this partt of Nigeria are very big radio listeners, you can tell that is true from the number of Radio Stations you will find in the State in 2019.   There are more than 20 Radio stations in Ibadan. Check out the list below to see a total of 23 Radio Stations in Ibadan.

Radio Stations in Ibadan, Nigeria (Full list)

105.5 – Splash FM, Felele, Ibadan
101.1 – Diamond FM, University of Ibadan, Ibadan
98.5 – Oluyole FM, Old Ife Road, Ibadan
92.5 – Impact Business Radio, Akobo, Ibadan (Nigeria’s first Business Radio)
101.1- Parrot FM, Ogbomosho
92.9 – Royal Root FM, Jericho Area, Ibadan
97.9 – Beat FM, Bodija, Ibadan
106.3 – Lead Radio, Ibadan.
95.1 – Raypower FM, Cocoa house Dugbe Ibadan
100.1 – Jamz FM, Lagelu Estate, Felele Area, Ibadan
102.7 – Naija FM, Bodija, Ibadan
89.1 – Lead City University Campus Radio FM, Ibadan – Lagos Toll Gate, Ibadan
90.1 – Space FM, 136, Liberty Road, Ibadan (1st Trilingual Radio Station in Nigeria)
105.9 – Fresh FM, Ibadan
102.3 – Petals FM, Old Bodija, Ibadan
99.1 – Amuludun FM, Moniya, Ibadan
96.3 – Lagelu FM ( also of Splash FM)
92.1 – Ajilete FM, Gambari, Ogbomoso
100.5 – Inspiration FM
93.5 – Premier FM (FRCN), Dugbe, Ibadan
756 kHz – Radio O.Y.O Ile-Akade Orita Bashorun (Radio AM)
96.3 – Oke-Ogun FM, Alaga
91.5 – Star FM, Secretariat, Ibadan

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