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Top 20 Museums in Nigeria to visit


1. Benin City National Museum

This museum is one of Nigeria’s national museum located in the city center on King’s Square. The museum is home to a significant number of artifacts, most of the Benin Empire, such as cast iron pieces, terracotta, and bronze figures. You will also find in the Benin City museum some ancient arts, some as old as the time of inception.

2. Old Residency Museum Calabar

The old Residency Museum is located in Calabar. It is a prefabricated structure of Scandinavian red-pine wood built in 1884 on top of the consular hill during the British colonial rule.

3. Slave Trade Museum Calabar

Slave Trade Museum Calabar is Located in a slave-trading warehouse in Marina Beach used in the fifteenth-century for Slave trade.

The museum got its name from Slave monuments that took place in Calabar, which used to be an embarkation point for many slaves who left African shores during the transatlantic slave trade.

The Cross River State initiative established the museum in a bid to boost the tourism potential in the state; the museum is under the supervision of  NCMM -National Commission for Museums and Monuments.

The museum is made up to significant artistic objects; much more, it is as well considered an ethnographic museum with permanent exhibitions sightings.

4. Esiẹ Museum

Esiẹ Museum is situated in Southwestern  Kwara State, Nigeria, in a town named Esie. The museum was established in the year 1945, making it the first museum in Nigeria. Esie museum is house to several thousand tombstone figures and human imageries. Its reputation is owing reasons that it has the most extensive collection of soapstone images across the globe.

5. Gidan Makama Museum Kano

Gidan Makama Museum Kano is also known as Kano Museum is a museum in Kano, Nigeria. The museum is home to quite a lot of collections of arts, crafts, and items of historic interest related to the Kano area.
It is split in 11 Galleries, including Zaire and the main hall with traditional artefacts, walls of towns and maps of the town of Kano, statehood history, Civil War, Kano, trade, industry and musics all of the 19th century.

6. Jos Museum

Jos Museum located in Jos, Nigeria was officially made available for public use in1952 by Bernard Fagg and has since become an important center of research into the prehistoric culture of Nigeria, it soon became one of the best museums in Nigeria but suffered mismanagement.

It keeps a brilliant collection of finely crafted pottery earning it the name The Pottery Hall, and the museum is also home to quite a lot fo specimens of Nok terracotta heads and artifacts collected from several other parts of the country, some of these artifacts are dating from back to around 500 BC to AD 200.

7. Kaduna Museum

Kaduna Museum is located in the Northern part of Nigeria, Kaduna State. The museum was officially commissioned and made available for public use in 1975.

The Kaduna Museum keeps quite a brilliant collection of mainly archaeological, crafts exhibits and ethnographic crafts, and it is a museum with lots of ancient crafts from craftsmen and women of ancient traditional times.

8. Kanta Museum

The Kanta Museum is located in the main market in Argungu, Nigeria, the museum was built by Muhammed Kanta in 1831. Muhammed is the founder of the Kingdom of Kebbi in 1515 and the building was named in his honour.

9. National Gallery of Modern Art, Lagos

In Lagos, Nigeria’s largest city is home to the National Gallery of Modern Arts which is a major art gallery in the State. Federal Ministry of Tourism, Culture and National Orientation established the National Gallery to be a permanent exhibition gallery of art.

10. Nigerian National Museum

The National Museum of Nigeria is a national museum in the town of Lagos, Nigeria. The Nigerian art museum features a prominent array of statuary and gravures as well as archeological and ethnographic expositions. A terra-cotta, known as Jemaa Head, which forms part of Nok culture, is worth noting.

11. Oron Museum

The Museum of Oron is an Oron, Nigeria Museum. The museum was created in 1958 to house eight hundred famous ancestral Oron figures, believed to be one of the ancient and greatest wood carvings in Africa.

12. Owo Museum

In Owo, Nigeria, Owo Museum is yet another museum in the southwestern part of the country. The museum was established in 1968 to house the antique structures previously housed in the Palace of Olowo. The museum comprises of important artifacts and ethnographic structures peculiar to Owo.

13. Uli Beier Museum

The Ulli Beier Museum in Osogbo, Nigeria is an art gallery as well as an art school. The artists Ulli Beier and Susanne Wenger have established it. It is currently a significant African contemporary art gallery which hosts works of talented artists from the area of Osogbo and throughout Nigeria.

14. National Museum of Colonial History, Aba

1985 the National Colonial History Museum was created in the city of Aba. In the 1890s the foundation of the museum, which is now a national landmark, was shipped in from Britain and built at Akwete to act as a commercial stop.

The set consists of artifacts linked to Nigeria’s colonial era and the country’s journey to independence, it also archives some of the oldest form of money exchange in Nigerian and items from the age of slave trading.

The museum includes a total of 415 historical specimens, 310 ethnographic items and 151 archeological artifacts.

15. War Museum, Umuahia

The National Nigerian War Museum exhibits Nigeria’s historical past with artifacts of the civil war between Biafra and Niger.

The museum which is located in Umuahia is home to collections of items and pieces which include a different range of guns, AFLs, helicopters, locally made armored tanks and ships coming from Nigeria or Biafra.

16. National Museum of Unity, Ibadan

The National Museum of Unity is a prime museum in the city of Ibadan, Oyo State’s capital. The museum is segmented into four major exhibition galleries which are: the Unity Gallery, Masquerade Gallery, Yoruba Gallery, and Pottery Gallery.

The National museum of unity houses an impressive collection of artworks and historical artifacts.

17. Badagry Heritage Museum

Badagry Heritage Museum was founded in 1863 as the British colonial government’s District Office. The museum sits on one of West Africa’s most extensive Transatlantic Slave Trade expositions.

The Transatlantic Slave Trade began in 1473 at Badagry and finished in 1888. Badagry was a component of the American Slave Coast supplying to the United States and the Caribbean Islands a total of 17,000 Slaves yearly. The museum coordinates visits to other attractions and landmarks in Badagry.

18. Nike At Gallery

Nike Art Gallery is an art gallery run by Nike Davies-Okundaye, the gallery is located in Lagos. The gallery in West Africa is probably the biggest of its nature. Situated in a five-story structure and prides itself in the collection of well over 8,000 diverse and beautiful art pieces from different Nigerians who are artists.

19. Ife Museum

Archeological excavations, artifacts, antique utensils, finery, artifact photos and many more from various areas of the world are displayed for exhibition at the Ife Museum.

There is also a display of artisans ‘ innovation and their processes in transformation and modernisation. The museum is located ay Enuwa, Île-Ife, Osun.

20. Niger-Delta Museum

The Niger Delta Museum features an awesome collection of works of art that contain centuries of information regarding the region of Nigeria Delta and its rich cultural heritage.

21. Arewa House

Arewa House Museum is a museum house located in the northwestern part of Nigeria, Kaduna State. It currently serves as a historical archive and research study centre for the Ahmadu Bello College, Zaria, Nigeria.

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