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Top 20 Beauty Pageants in Nigeria (2021)


We made a comprehensive list of beauty pageants in Nigeria, and we thought it’d be nice if you guys see it. Nigerians are fashionistas no wonder they are regarded as one of the most fashion-centric countries in the continent of Africa.

They are naturally passionate about fashion and anything beauty related, their women or lady are one of the most beautiful in West Africa if you think otherwise, then you can make it a data to visit some of the finest beauty pageant events in Nigeria.

We have collected a complete list of beauty Pageant and Beauty Contests in Nigeria, you will also find out about the date of the events and how often are they organized in the country.

1. Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN)

The MBGN is no doubt the most popular beauty pageant event in Nigeria, it has been in existence since as far back as 1983, the 2019 version was recently concluded. When it first started in the year 1983 it used to be named Miss Universe Nigeria, not long, precisely about three years later it was given a new name, which we have today as Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria (MBGN).

The show is masterminded by Silverbird Group; a Nigerian multinational real estate, entertainment and mass media organization with head office in Lagos. The MBGN has produced more than 30 winners who are personalities with unique abilities and most importantly look presentable to the public.

For the records, the first winner of the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria beauty pageant is Lynda Chuba,  you can tell the Nigerian organizers made a really great pick as she went ahead to bag the Miss Africa award as well.

She quickly rose to prominence and she got herself elected as a member of the Nigeria National Assembly.

MBGN got a lot of attraction in 2001 when she produced the first and ever Miss World, it was the first to be bagged by a black African woman named Agbani Darego, she also forged ahead to make it to the semi-finals of the Miss Universe beauty contest.

Registration is ongoing for the 2021 Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN) pageant, you can reach out to organizers of the events on 0803 321 8519 or email them via mbgn{at} for more information about the upcoming show.

2. Miss Nigeria (MN)

If you think you’ve already seen it all with MBGN, then check out Miss Nigeria Beauty pageant,  Miss Nigeria is one of the most popular beauty pageant events in Nigeria, the event fosters beauty and intellect and also builds trust and confidence in contestants, the show which as launched in 1957 has showcased a lot of potential Nigerian women who would ordinarily not be discovered.

Miss Nigerian was started in 1957, making the oldest beauty pageant in the country, it has since then produced 43 winners till 2019 when on November 30 2019 at the Eko Convention Center, Lagos held the 43rd edition of the Miss Nigeria beauty pageantry.

The beautiful queen crowned as Miss Nigeria 2019 is Etsanyi Tukura. She is one of the 18 finalists at the grand finale of the big event and she represents Taraba state. The beautiful queen was given a luxury apartment and a car.

In the news…

The 2019 Miss World Africa Final, held in the United Kingdom, London, on Saturday, 14 December crowned Miss Nigeria, Nyekachi Douglas as Miss World Africa in the 69th edition of the contest.

Nyekachi is 21 years old and she is from Southern Nigeria, she is a student of Public Health. She emerged Miss Africa to replace Miss Uganda 2018 Quiin Abenakyo who was crowned in the last edition in 2018.

3. Miss Nigeria Ghana (MNG)

The beauty pageantry Miss Nigeria Ghana was first held in Ghana in 2012, so as to showcase Nigeria’s rich culture and to be a unifying event between Nigerians and Ghanaians.

It has since produced 6 winners namely Amaka Okosieme – 2012 – , Jennifer Amadi – 2013,  Faith Igboelli – 2015, Queen Judie (Miss Nigeria Ghana Tourism) – 2016, Victory Olachi – 2017 and Eniola Hanna (Miss Nigeria Ghana Tourism) – 2018.

One of the major criteria for the contestant of the event is must be a Nigerian woman from 18 years above living in Ghana, It is required that she must be able to speak good English, be single, physically and mentally fit. To find out more about the event you can reach out to the organisers on 233 55 692 2965, and 0303975661 or email them via [email protected]

4. Esther Beauty Pageant (EBP)

Esther beauty pageant is a faith-inspired pageant event in Nigeria and it is the first of its kind in the country, the show was organized by Asher Fleet Ventures and the 2019 edition of the event produced the Christian Queen Nigeria 2019

5. Miss Nigeria International

Miss Nigeria International Pageant known as Miss Ebony World was founded by renowned individuals with the objective of inspiring women to use their abilities to benefit their society

6. Miss Commonwealth Nigeria Pageant

Miss CommonWealth Nigeria Beauty Pageant is yet another beauty pageantry in Nigeria, Strud Models International Limited usually organize the event annually in a bid to get more young ladies empowered and open them up to how better they can leverage their talents to influence positively their environment and have a changed life.

The event is powered by Commonwealth to keep up with the aim of empowering women in the community and promote the diverse culture of her nations. Miss Tessy Solomon was crowned last year 2018 Miss commonwealth Nigeria pageant.

7. Miss Nigeria in America (MNIA)

In 2014 a wife named ChiChi Dike Emeson, a graduate from Howard University, founded the Miss Nigeria in America (MNIA) Beauty Pageant, her vision is to get more women to be independent by helping them get the help they need.

Chichi Emeson believes that this beauty pageant can to a reasonable extent help in discovering hidden talents among young Nigeria women in the United States of America.

8. Miss Pride of Africa UK

Introducing African women in the United Kingdom is the sole objective of establishing Miss Pride of Africa UK. Africa has a diverse cultural heritage that is worth showcasing, the platform will brighten the portrayal of African people and culture.

Let me shock you! The largest beauty pageant in the UK is Miss Pride of Africa UK beauty pageant event,  through the platform African women in the diaspora will be empowered and encourage to foster their union as peoples of the same Nation.

9. Miss Earth Nigeria

Miss Earth Nigeria is one of the three biggest pageants in the world, determined by how many times it contests in the world final. MissEarth Nigeria is the Nigerian chaptersof the international Miss Earth World competition.

Like many other pageantries, Miss Earth is an annual event engineered to empower and promote women who are role models.

10. Miss Philanthropy Africa

It aims at promoting the cultural wealth in Africa by carrying out charitable activities to raise women’s charity ambassadors in Africa and diaspora.

It is beauty pageantry centered on the community which primarily focuses on training women to protect and improve the quality of life for deprived and marginalized women in Africa

11. Miss Nigeria UK

Mr And Miss Nigeria UK is a cultural event, which is usually held annually to showcase the Nigerian nation’s culture in the diaspora.

The festival is a tribute to Nigeria’s independence, aimed at promoting and improving the Nigerian community in the UK, uniting British Nigerians who have been born and raised with their heritage.

This special event is not only celebrated for entertaining the people but also for instilling culture n Nigerians who have been born and raised in the UK and in the different cultures of the world.

12. Miss Nigeria USA

The beauty pageant Miss Nigeria US is organized to inspire women and to promote Nigeria’s cultural heritage in the United States of America.

This is yearly observed pageantry event provides a way of bringing together in the different part of the United to participate or to observe the great event.

13. Face of Independence Nigeria

The Nigerian beauty pageant was launched in 2011 and its first edition was fantastic, it attracted a lot of public interest after the winner  Miss Chelsea Adunze won the star prize of ₦500,000.

14. Miss Nations

Miss Nations is established by an international beauty pageant brand called Face of The World Organization, the brand is completely Licensed in over 50 countries with more than 100 country managers across the globe.

15. Miss Wazobia Nigeria

The pageantry Miss Wazobia Nigeria observed its second edition on the 29th of April 2019 in Abia State, Nigeria. The event took place at Lekota Event Center, the organizers of the event is Moed model management, It was set up to work with the campaign against Teenage Pregnancy and Sexual Abuse.

16. Miss Petite Nigeria (MPN)

Miss Petite Nigeria has been created to address the issue of inequality by encouraging everyone to compete in the competition regardless of their height.

This international beauty event has been designed to cover the gap between both tall and young beautiful women.

17. Miss Africa Calabar

Miss Africa Calabar is one of the most recent beauty pageants that was founded in Nigeria. Women are historically ignored and marginalized but the trend is slowly reversed worldwide.

Miss Africa beauty pageants is intended to encourage young women to be actively involved in their community and also have a voice that is heard in the society.

18. Most Beautiful Girl in Oyo State

2019 Most Beautiful Girl in Oyo is one of the budding pageant events in Nigeria, the 2019 edition was hosted by Nubian Diamond Event and was staged on 7th October from 14:00–9:00 PM in Trenchard Hall, University of Ibadan.

Come and see the return of glitz and glamor in the state of Oyo as the first most beautiful girl in the state emerged for the first edition in 2019 The contest was arranged in a way that each of the local governments in the state participated sending in 33 contestants altogether for the competition.

On the 7th of October 2018, Akintunde Phoebe was named and crowned as the Most Beautiful Girl in Oyo. the event took place at the Trenchard Hall, Ibadan University, and proudly supported by TECNO, the organizers of the events are Nubian Diamond Event and participation for spectators was free.


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