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10 Largest States in Nigeria By Land Mass


Nigeria is one of the most popular in Africa has 36 States, Governors, and capitals,  the seat of the central government of the Nation is located in Abuja-Federal capital territory.

Nigeria is one of the richest countries in Africa in terms of resources and the country also has a fast-growing economy, Nigeria speaks more than 520 languages and has 774 local government areas according to official state record of the country.

In this list, our objective is to list out the top 10 largest states in Nigeria by landmass. Follow the list to the largest state in Nigeria if your state made it to the list of the largest states in Nigeria.

What is the largest state in Nigeria by Landmass?

You will get more descriptive information about each of these states; find out more about their date of creation, current governor, landmass total, population index and local government areas.

Which State has the highest landmass?

Niger has the largest land total in Nigeria at 76,363 km2 making it the largest state in the country.

1st. Niger State (Largest State in Nigeria)

The largest state in Nigeria by Landmass in Niger state, the state’s capital is Minna and it is located in Central Nigeria, the state was formed on 3 February, 1976, and it is the home of two of Nigeria’s former military rulers-Ibrahim Babangida and Abdulsalami Abubakar.

Niger State has a total area of around 76,363 km2 and according to 2006 Population census there are well around  3,954,772 inhabitants in the state. Niger has 25 local government areas

2nd. Borno State

The second-largest state in Nigeria is Borno State, a state in Nigeria that is synonymous to insurgency and terrorism. Borno State is located in Northeastern Nigeria and currently governed by the kindhearted and well-applauded Babagana Umara Zulum whos is appraised as one of the best governors of Nigeria in 2021.

Borno State was also created same date and month with Niger State in 1976. Borno State’s capital is Maiduguri and has a total landmass of 57,799 km2. According to the 2006 index the state has well around 4,171,104 population. There are currently 27 local governments in Borno State.

3rd. Taraba State

The third-largest state in Nigeria by Landmass is no other than our own Taraba State, a less popular Nigerian state that is bordered on the west by west by Nasarawa State and Benue State and Plateau state on the Northwest side.

Taraba State does not have as much local government like the first two state-Niger and Borno, it only has 16 local governments, it sits on a total landmass of 54,473 km2, it’s capital is Jalingo and the state was officially created some 29 years ago precisely in 1991.

According to the 2006 population index, Taraba State has around 2,294,800 dwellers.

4th. Kaduna State

On the list of the largest State in Nigeria by Landmass is the popular Kaduna State on number 4. Kaduna state no doubt is one of the most popular states in Nigeria, Kaduna has its capital as Kaduna and has more than 23 local governments in the State.

The 2006 population index records that her 6,113,503 dwellers live on a (geographically distinguished) total landmass of 46,053 km2. Much more the state is one of the oldest states in Nigeria and was formed on 27th May, 1967, the state is currently governed by Mallam Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai since 2015 General elections.

5th. Bauchi State

The faith largest state in Nigeria by landmass is Bauchi State. The state has 20 local government areas and 4,653,066 dwellers. The capital of Bauchi State is Bauchi, it sits on a total landmass of 49,119 km2, it is bordered by 7 states with Gombe and Yobe on the eastside, on the northside is Jigawa and Kano and Kaduna on the west. Bauchi State was also created in 3 February, 1976 and the State is currently presided by Bala Mohammed.

6th. Yobe State

The sixth biggest state in NIgeria by landmass is Yobe State with capital city Damaturu. It borders other 4 northern states namely Bauchi, Borno, Gombe, and Jigawa State. Yobe state was created in 27th of August, 1991, and currently has 17 local government areas.

It’s total land areas is 45,502 km2 and has well around 2,321,339 population according to 2006 population index. Yobe state is currently governed in 2021 by Mai Mala Buni newly elected in the 2019 general elections.

7th. Zamfara State

The seventh biggest state in Nigeria based on landmass is Zamfara State. The state is located in the Northwestern region of Nigeria and has mostly dominated by the Hausa and Fulani population.

The state capital of Zamfara is Gusua with total landmass of 39,762 km2 and population of 3,278,873 (2006). There are 14 local governments in Zamafara State and currently governed by Bello Muhammad Matawalle.

8th. Adamawa State

Adamawa State is one of the largest state in the federation by landmass, it seats on a land totoal of 36,917 km2 and has around 3,178,950 in population. The state is bordered on the west by Gombe on the northwest Borno and Taraba located on the southwest. Its eastern border is also on the eastside of Cameroon.

The state capital fo Adamawa State is Yola which is the seat of the state government. The state has 21 local governments and currently governed by Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri.

9th. Kwara State

The middlebelt state Kwara is the 9th largest state in Nigeria by landmass. It was formed on the 27th May, 1967 and the state capital is Ilorin. Kwara State boast a landmass 36,825 km2 and has a total population of 2,365,353. Kwara has 16 local government areas and the current governor of the state is AbdulRahman AbdulRasaq.

10th. Kebbi State

The last State on the list of the biggest state in Nigeria is Kebbi State, the state seats on a total area of 36,800 km2, and has a population of around 3,256,541.

The capital city of Kebbi state is Birnin Kebbi. The state was created on the 27th of August, 1991 and now has 21 local governments. The current governor of Kebbi State is Abubakar Atiku Bagudu.

That’s it on the list of the largest states in Nigeria, feel free to share this educating piece of information with your friends and school mates on social media.

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