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La Champagne Tropicana Visiting Guide


La Champagne Tropicana is one of the best beach resorts in Lagos, Nigeria, the premium-class getaway beach front resort can be found at Ibeju Lekki, Lagos State, which happened to be about a 2-hours’ drive away from the typical dramatic and noisy urban Lagos settlement.

La Champagne Tropicana is an African themed beach resort and an ideal place to visit because of its peaceful and serene nature; the environment is cool, calm and colorful, thanks to the perfect view of the Atlantic Ocean and a waterside lake.

The La Champagne Tropicana resort has bagged 2 Guinness World record, for the Longest Beachside Swimming Pool and, secondly for World’s first African shaped pool construction. It is also noticeably, the Nigerian tourist resort that has its currency pretty fantastic, right?

How To Get To La Champagne Tropicana

The ideal way to get to this beach resort is through bus this doesn’t mean it’s close to the Urban setting of Lagos township. The estimated time of arrival by vehicle is 2-hours, it also depends on where you are coming from within Lagos to visit the beach, usually, the best thing would be to drive down yourself or hire a vehicle.

It is almost impossible to get a Taxify or Uber that would take you to this resort, so depending on how you are plan on visiting this resort, you should have some good music that would keep you company throughout the ride.

You can also get there by Public transport, but it is not advisable if you are seeking convenience.

La Champagne Tropicana Price List

On arrival, you are expected to pay a general admission fee at the reception, which would be N5,000 for adults and N2,500 for kids.

This fee would give you access to general activities like Horseback riding, Swimming, Volleyball, and Mini-golf. For other activities like boat riding, it would cost N10,000 for 10 minutes, Kayaking N500 for 10 minutes, and there are SIMI available for resting, each SIMI cost N10,000.

The food at La Champagne Tropicana is quite expensive, to get well-fed you should budget spending N5,000 per meal, it is advisable to come with your meal. Still, it would cost you and extra N1,000 which is very fair, so take as much food as you can carry to reduce spending beyond your budget.

La Champagne Tropicana Picture Gallery

Best Time To Visit La Champagne Tropicana

Between November to late March is the best time to visit La Champagne Tropicana because it is the Dry season in Nigeria, and your outing won’t be ruined by rain.

Going there during the rainy season would limit most of your activities because it might rain all day, it is advisable to use a reliable weather application that would accurately predict the weather on the day you plan on visiting the resort.

Fun Things To Do At La Champagne Tropicana

Depending on your purpose of visiting this resort, there is a handful of fun activities you can engage yourself at La Champagne Tropicana. There are lots of serene and quiet spots for those who want some cool breeze and meditation.

As a group, you can have fun in team activities like playing Volleyball within yourself or another group, and you can also enjoy part of the Atlantic Ocean in the 10-seater boat ride.

Do you want to control where you go on the water? Then you should try out the Kayak, or you can test your cowboy/cowgirl skill by riding on horseback. Coming with your games like Chess, Ludo, Scrabble is also allowed.

Don’t forget to visit La Champagne Tropicana with your digital camera to capture the best moments that can be relieved for many years to come.

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