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Je-Yong Ha Net Worth, Bio, girlfriend, career, age, facts


Je-Yong Ha Net Worth 2021-$1M – $10M (approx.)

This is the Information of page of Je-Yong Ha Net Worth, Biography and other Important facts.

Net Worth: $1M-2M (Estimated)
Date of Birth: Unknown
Gender: Male
Height: 5.4”
Income Source(s): Arm Wrestler, International Business
Nationality: Korean

Who is Je-Yong Ha?

Je-Yong Ha is a South Korean born Bodybuilder based in Russia. He was rumored to be the boyfriend of Lindsay Lohan. However, the Lindsay Lohan agency debunks the rumor saying Lohan and Ha are just friends. The rumor aggravates due to how Yeong Ha used to upload pictures of him and Lohan Lindsay together.

According to rumors, Ha is one of Korean billionaire this was concluded by many web sources due to reasons that Ha is used to upload several photos of him living regal life. Other sources have discarded the rumors and tagged it as mere hyping an exaggeration.

Who is Je-Yong Ha?

Je-Yong Ha is popularly referred to as ‘Korean bodybuilding Hulk’. He is one of Korea’s well-received bodybuilder and arm wrestler with very huge arms and muscles, but don’t be surprised to know that Je-Yong Ha is not as popular in Korea.

Looking into his arm wresting statistics. Ha weighs 242.5 lbs, massive 56cm Biceps!

Je-Yong Ha Career

Je-Yong Ha is a spokesperson for a private Karaoke company called Mate M Box where appears at the company’s promotional campaigns and events. He has been seen a couple of times to arm wrestle with some of Mate M box for Cash Prize. Ha prides so much in his arms and biceps and in several cases announced to give $1000 to whoever can win him in arm wrestling.

Je-Yong Ha Rumoured Relationship with Lohan Lindsay

Je-Yong Ha met Lindsay Lohan in Greece while on a trip and the duo continues to meet on other trips from Moscow, Russia to Dubai. In the summer of 2016, Lindsay broke up with Russian businessman Yegor Tarabasov after a fight with him on one of the Greek beaches.

Since that time, journalists attributed the actress a romance with the owner of a network of Greek restaurants, Denis Papageorgiou, but this was all at the level of rumors. Now, apparently, the Hollywood star meets with the Korean bodybuilder, the owner of powerful biceps, Ha Ji-Yong, who regularly posts her Instagram photos. Then they rest somewhere in Dubai, then they have dinner in Greece, then … they sing Russian songs in the car.

“Lindsay and I met on the Greek island of Mykonos,”

says Ji-Yong. –

Now she is my close friend. Lindsay is very pleasant in communication! She is so good, so beautiful! And he is enthusiastic about everything. What is important, she always wants to help other people.

A Korean businessman, an Asian Schwarzenegger named Ha Ji-Yong, told Metro in an exclusive interview about his acquaintance with 31-year-old Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan and his love for Russian girls.

According to the Korean, Lindsay Lohan loves Russia and even knows a few words in Russian. Both of them like Elbrus Dzhanmirzoev’s song “The Tramp”.

It is known that Lindsay Lohan is very jealous – this was the reason for her separation from Tarabasov. If Ji-Yong wants to maintain a relationship with her, he will have to be extremely careful. By the way, the Korean admitted that he really likes Russian girls.

“All Koreans believe that Russian girls are the most beautiful in the world,”

he said.

And I completely agree with that! When I started studying in Moscow, all of my Korean friends were jealous. And they asked me to acquaint them with Russian girls, send pictures.

For Ji-Yong, Russia is a special country. Here he received education at MGIMO, where he was interested in the specialization of “international law”.

“Most Korean students go to study in the United States or Europe,”

Ji-Yong said.

But I wanted something different, special. And I chose Russia. There I had a great time! And I loved your country very much. There are good people, beautiful cities, culture, cuisine. Most of all I loved barbecue, by the way (laughs). I think the decision to study in Russia was one of the best in life!

During the year, Ji-Yong studied Russian. At MGIMO, he studied in a class, not for international students, so he had a hard time.

“It was hard to understand people, to get used to,”

Ji-Yong admitted.

But my beautiful Russian friends helped me a lot, I am very grateful to them.

According to the Korean, he knows that everyone calls his name Asian Arnold Schwarzenegger for an incredibly powerful, muscular body. And he likes this nickname.

“I have big, imposing hands, like those of Schwarzenegger,” explains Ji-Yong. – In this, we are with him and look like. I work on my body every day. So a real man should live.

Russians love strong men. This is another reason why I work every day. When I was in Moscow, everyone called me a Super Korean. And I liked that too. I was something of a legend, a superstar at MGIMO. I was so famous, so popular. If you know someone who studied at MGIMO, just ask about me and they will tell you how popular I was there.

Koreans noted that he is a professional powerlifter, also engaged in arm wrestling.

“Soon I will be a world champion in both these disciplines,”

he says.

And I’m interested in cinema. If in Russia they make interesting shootings, I would be happy to take part in them. From Russian films, I like the most about Fyodor Bondarchuk’s film “9th Company”. I usually live in Seoul or Dubai, but I will soon return to Moscow, I will live in the Ritz Carlton Hotel.

Ji-Yong confirmed that he is very rich, and those who call him a billionaire, do not sin against the truth. This is confirmed by his photos on Instagram, on which Ji-Yong shows off his luxurious life.

“I do international business,”

says Ji-Yong.

And soon I am going to open a fund to help the Russian people, to make donations.

Source: Metro News Russia

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