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Top 10 Airlines in Nigeria [International and domestic]


Nigeria depicts one of the African countries that have a lot of airlines ranging from the domestic to international airlines.

Some Nigerians think that booking a flight is a total waste of time because of the delay experienced in the booking of flight, missing luggage, flight cancellation, to name a few.

Top Nigerian Airlines

In this article, I made a list of top 10 airlines in Nigerian based In the user experience, you might want to try out.

1. British Airways

The British airways launched on the 31st of March 1974 is reportedly known to be the largest airline in the United Kingdom because of the fleets of Aircraft it has, and it’s flights and destination.

This airline is a first-class airway in Nigeria that has its two main hubs situated at the London Heathrow Airport and Gatwick. It operates on 6 continents of the world.

The Airline in Nigeria covers three domestic routes, which include Lagos, Kano, and Abuja, but internationally it covers 188 destinations.

The British Airways is equipped with a fleet of 294 aircraft that include 2 Airbus A 318-100, 44 Airbus A 319-100, 63 Airbus A 320-200, 18 Airbus 321-200, 9 Airbus A 380-800, 18 Boeing 737-400, 53 Boeing 747-400, 21 Boeing 767-300ER, 3 Boeing 777-200, 43 Boeing 777-200ER, 12 Boeing 777-300ER, and 8 Boeing 787-8.

Its baggage allowance depends on what flight you booked, where you are heading to, and the amount you paid for transport.

It allows free baggage with the weight of 23kg, hand baggage with 56cm×45cm×25cm, which includes the weight of the handles, pockets, and wheels.
Personal bag with 45cm×36cm×20cm).

The airline has a sense of entertainment as it entertains its passengers with the latest movies and shows.
There is also a skyflyer’s kid zone that ensures kids are ready for entertainment before taking off.

With British Airline your child’s safety is guaranteed.

2. Emirates Airlines

Emirates Airlines was launched in October 1985 by the Royal family. It is recognized as the world’s largest international airline which runs about 3000 flights weekly, to more than 160 destinations across the six continents of the world.

Its headquarters is situated in Dubai, but its presence is strong in the Nigerian market particularly in Lagos and Abuja.

The airline has a fleet of 220 aircraft which include 19 Airbus A330-200, 4 Airbus A340-300, 1 Airbus A340-500, 64 Airbus A380-800, 6 Boeing 777-200ER, 10 Boeing 777-220LR, 12 Boeing 777-300, 104 Boeing 777-300ER and it has placed more than 250 aircraft, precisely 272 aircraft on order.

It permits its First class and business class passengers to carry two baggage which includes a personal bag with (45cm×35×20cm) and a travel bag with (55cm×38cm×20cm) and both must not exceed 7kg in weight.

It also permits its economy class passengers to carry a hand luggage with (55cm×35cm×20cm)and it must not exceed 7kg in weight.

It travels majorly in Abuja and Lagos and also internationally to Italy, Pakistan, USA, Indonesia, Pakistan to name a few.

The inflight experience depends on what class and Aircraft you travel in, With this Aircraft, you enjoy comfort away from home which includes a flatbed, shower facilities, beverages and much more.

This airline has a partnership with Alaska Airlines, Japan Airlines, and much more.

3. Ethiopian Airlines

The Ethiopian airlines were founded in December 1945 and it is the Ethiopia flag bearer. As of 2014, Ethiopian airline has flown to more than 80 international destinations and 20 domestic ones thus making it the airline that has flown to more African destinations than any other carrier.

The airline covers three domestic routes in Nigeria which include Lagos, Abuja, and Kaduna. The Airline has a massive fleet of 77 aircraft which includes 10 Boeing 787i Dreamliner, Boeing 737s, Boeing 777s, and Boeing 757s. It also has codeshare agreements with Egypt air, Turkish airlines, Singapore airlines and much more.

4. Delta Airline

Delta airline launched in 1929 is one of the oldest airlines in the world whose headquarters is situated in Atlanta, Georgia.

It runs 5000 daily flights, 310 destinations and 54 countries across the 6 continents of the world. In 2013, it was ranked the world’s largest airline due to the over 120 million passengers it has carried on a scheduled flight.

It has a route in Nigeria which is Lagos but travels internationally within Africa and beyond. Delta Air has a code-share agreement with Air France, Alitalia, Air Europa and much more. Its baggage allowance varies significantly depending on the destination you are heading to. The airline reportedly has a fleet of 830 craft making it one amongst the biggest aircraft owners in the world.

Key models of its fleet in 2017 include 57 Airbus A 319-100S, 69 Airbus A 321-200S, 91 Boeing 717-200S, 73 Boeing 737-800S, 69 Boeing 737-900ER, and 89 Boeing 757-200s, thus making the aircraft one amongst the largest owners of Boeings in the world.

5. Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic is one of the best-rated international airlines in Nigeria with its base in Crawley, England.
The airline was launched as a British airway in 1984 by Randolph fields and Allan Hellary.

Virgin Atlantic is equipped with a fleet of 40 aircraft which include 10 Airbus A 330-300S, 9 Airbus A 340-600S, 8 Boeing 747-400S, and 13 Boeing 747-9S.

It offers both the Economy class, premium economy class, and upper class. Upper-class passengers are provided with the luxury of a seat that transforms into flat beds and personal chauffeur service is allocated to these passengers.

Virgin Atlantic is a UK based airline that operates 2 domestic routes in Nigeria, Lagos, and Port Harcourt, Cape Town, and Johannesburg in South Africa, Accra in Ghana.

6. Arik Airline

Arik Airline is one of the airlines that operates from two hubs and has a domestic route coverage of about 20 different locations.

One of its hubs is located at the Muritala Mohammed International Airport in Lagos, while the other is situated at the Nnamdi Azikwe International Airport in Abuja. Arik Airline was created in 2002 but started operations in 2006.

The airline has a frequent flier program called the Affinity wings that permits customers who participate in the program to win Affinity point which can be used for air travel, excess baggage allowance and much more.

This airline is provided with 25 Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier and hawker planes which are equipped with both one-cabin for economy class and two-cabin for the economy and business class.

The airline also has a bar and lounge where you can relax while on board. The bar is said to be stocked with diverse sorts of assorted drinks.

7. Air peace

This airline launched in 2013 has its headquarters in Lagos State, Nigeria. Air peace presently offers economy category, premium economy category, and business category.

Be rest assured that when you book an economic flight with air peace your luggage weight shouldn’t be more than 25kg, so ensure to minimize the loads you carry and if its the business class, your luggage weight is permitted to be 40kg.

You are also permitted to come with hand luggage, but your hand luggage must not exceed 6kg in the Economic class and 10kg in the business class.

If its a purse, the size must not exceed 45×33×20 cm. Air peace also features a ‘peace advantage program’ which permits customers who participate in the program to earn ‘peace point’ which can be used for air travel.

Its domestic route coverage includes Abuja, Calabar, Enugu, Benin-city, Lagos, Owerri, and Port Harcourt.

8. Azman Air

The domestic airlines called Azman air has its headquarters situated at the Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport, in Kano state. The airline was launched in 2010 by Abdulmunaf Yunusa Sarina but started its operation in 2014.

The airline features fleets of aircraft which includes a B37 series and 2 Boeing 777 series. Azman aircraft provides good customer services, an online service that is very precise and effective.

Its domestic route coverage includes Abuja, Kano, Benin, Birnin Kebbi, Asaba, Gombe, Kaduna, Maiduguri, Port Harcourt, Owerri, and Lagos.

9. Medview

Next in line is the Medview airline whose base is situated at the Muritala Mohammed International Airport in Lagos.

This airline was launched in 2007, it was initially designed to be for rescue operations rescuing pilgrims who were stranded at Ilorin, Lagos, Sokoto, Maiduguri, and Yola, an operation monitored by the National Hajj Commission.

In November 2012, Medview became a domestic airline for marketable services. Medview features fleets of aircraft which includes 3 Boeing 737-400, one Boeing 737-700 and a Boeing 767-300ER.

The aircraft and her cabin crew provide their customers with unforgettable user experience.
If you are traveling in business class, your check-in luggage allowance is 40kg and 23kg for the economy class respectively.

10. Dana air

Dana Air was launched in 2008 but shut down in 2012 due to the turbulent air crash that one of its aircraft experienced.

It began operating again in 2014 under the supervision of Francois Bouteiller, Director of flight operations and since then it has greatly progressed.

Dana Air has its headquarters in Ikeja, Lagos and its Hub at the Muritala Mohammed International Airport situated in Lagos.

With Dana Aircraft, you not only have a simple and easy inflight experience, but the airline also entertains its customers with inflight music and videos, light meals, while onboard.

Dana Air has 5 fleets of Airplane, four MC Donnell Douglas MD-83, one Boeing 737-500. Its domestic route coverage includes Abuja, Lagos, Owerri, Port Harcourt, and Uyo.

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