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10 Interesting facts about Kissing


Kissing can be defined as a romantic love heart that is full of emotions it is usually and hard to between couples where the exchange want that desires and passion in this article I present to you top 10 interesting facts about kissing.

Kissing facts

1. Research finds out that kissing someone you love can stop the buildup of stress and panic hormones in the body.

2. Kissing is a romantic way to lose a few calories, romantic and fast kissing acts can help to loose up to 2 or 3 calories, with the French kiss having the capability of helping lovers to loose up to 5 calories per kissing session.

3. Research has come to disclose that people spent up to two weeks of their lifetime kissing.

4. People kissing are usually in the act of bending their heads towards the right.

5. An average statistical data disclosed that most women kiss 8 to 10 times different lovers before they eventually work the aisle with one.

6. Science disclosed that kissing can be regarded as one of the most interesting and body-friendly exercises, simply because when kissing more than 29 facial muscles are involved in the process.

7. A large number of people who kiss close their eyes, according to research the number is as large as up to 66 percent, others who have their eyes open will preferably follow the emotional changes on the face of their partners.

8. When lovers kiss, more than 300 different bacterias are transmitted between persons, but no cause for alarm because almost all of them are not harmful whatsoever.

9. Researcher and Sexologist Away Kadel disclosed that it is possible to experience orgasm just from kissing without having to have any sexual intercourse.

10. Kissing someone you deeply love can bring a great sense of humor, comforts like the one you feel during meditation or yoga.

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