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Who is the real owner of Instablog9ja?


In 2015, a social-media-based blog came to the public scene and displaced many news blogs from the business. It is Instablog9ja. This micro-blog provided updates on the happenings around the country.

Who is Instablog9ja Owner?

The quality of the information provided and the success of this Instagram blog threw many Nigerians into asking who is behind the Instablog9ja.

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Many people have said so many things about the owner of the blog but the air is still fused with confusion as we do not know the story to believe.

As that abounds, our research has taken us into the creeks and we have come out with something regarding the information about the actual owner of Instablog9ja; that is what we have brought you in this post.

We gathered that the owner and brain behind the Instablog9ja is Mr. John Abayomi Aruleba. There was a refusal of this information. What do we believe now? Let us find out.

Who is John Abayomi Aruleba?

From our sources, Mr. John Abayomi Aruleba is the owner of the popular Instagram blog, Instablog9ja. He is a former online editor of Vanguard news but he is currently the online editor of Punch News. John Abayomi is also a social media strategist, a creative content developer, a documentary producer, and an SEO expert.

This young man is said to have graduated from the University of Agriculture, Abeokuta in 2002. He is also has a Master’s Degree in New Media and Society, Communication and Media Studies, from the University of Leicester, United Kingdom; he obtained this second degree in 2014.

Mr. John Abayomi also holds a certificate in International Broadcast Presentation and also in Broadcast Journalism, from Radio Nigeria training school, Nigeria. With his vast knowledge in media and news broadcasting, Mr. Abayomi started the Instablog9ja and he is obviously doing well in it.

Between 2005 and 2016, John Abayomi worked for Vanguard News as an online news editor. While with Vanguard, he ensured the update of news and other necessary contents. While he worked with Vanguard, Mr. John Abayomi initiated and implemented a social media strategy for Vanguard News content marketing.

In 2011, he designed and implemented interactive multimedia coverage of the general elections that held that year. He made a switch to Punch Newspaper (where he still works today) in 2016 after he had volunteered in 2015 as a Project Manager at Global Editors Network

Is John Abayomi Aruleba the real owner of Instablog9ja?

Following the publication made by Linda Ikeji that Mr. John Abayomi is the owner of the popular Instagram blog, Instablog9j. The Punch was on the verge of firing the young man. As a matter of fact, Instablog9ja had millions of followers while Puch had just some thousands. Can you see why it was disturbing to Punch?

To that accusation of being the owner of Instblog9ja, Mr. John Abayomi denied. He, therefore, vowed to sue Linda Ikeji for publishing wrong information about him. To that effect, Linda Ikeji apologized.

Furthermore, since Mr. John Aruleba Abayomi has denied being the owner and the brain behind the popular Instablog9ja, we cannot categorically say who the owner of the blog is.

Do you have a different opinion? Go ahead to share your view in the comment section; maybe you have some proves to who the real owner of Intsblog9ja is.

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