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How to Start Charcoal Business in Nigeria


How to start charcoal business in Nigeria. Want to start a charcoal business? This post is designed to offer a step by step guide on how to start charcoal business in no time and start earning. Charcoal business is simply the sales of charcoal. Charcoal is a great source of fuel used for industrial and household purposes.

It has been in existence since the beginning of time. It is an end product of the partial combustion process of carbon in the presence of a limited supply of air. It is prepared traditionally by the burning of specific trees in a limited supply of air. It serves as a source of fuel for cooking.

How to start charcoal business

There are several steps you need to take before starting a charcoal business and they include:

  • Study the market

Before starting a business, the first thing to do is to study the market. Find out people you can supply to. Find out vendors you can get charcoal from at reasonable prices. Charcoal is cheaper in remote areas than in big cities. You should get a vendor from a remote area that can supply quality and at a reasonable price.

  • Capital

If you already have enough money to fund your business, that’s great. If otherwise, you have to sort for capital either from financial institutions or from friends.

  • Market strategy

You have to find customers that will readily need your market. Visit a lot of vendors and compare their prices and quality.

Go for the best quality at a cheap price. Low-quality products won’t sell quickly.

  • Prepare a place for storage

Most charcoal sellers around town have their shop situated in the same place as their store. Your store should be situated in a place where charcoal is needed in high demand.

Be sure that the store is a place isn’t a moist area. Customers won’t be willing to buy wet charcoal from you.

  • Consider your method of delivery

You can decide if you want buyers to come to get the charcoal at your store. If you have a truck or vehicle that can carry the charcoal, you can offer delivery to client that are willing to pay for your service.

  • Promote your product

Design flyers and banners that you can distribute to passersby and place at strategic places. You can give the flyers to friends and family to help distribute to people.

You can also choose to open a website where people can easily access your contact information. Offering discount prices to client who brings referral is also not a bad idea. Why you should start a charcoal business

  • It is in high demand

Charcoal is needed in high demand. It is used in cooking, roasting chicken, corn, making barbeque, smoking fish, etc. The advantage it has over firewood is that it doesn’t produce much smoke.

  • It is not time-consuming

Starting the business might be time-consuming at first, but as you progress, it becomes easy to do other things alongside.

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