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How to make cold pressed coconut oil in Nigeria


Coconut as we all know is a large fruit with much resemblance to a nut. It produces its fruit high on its tree. In terms of structure; it has a husk followed by a shell, inside the shell is a white edible flesh(or meat) and the coconut’s water(milk).

Coconut oil on the other side is an extract of the coconut itself, as the name implies. It has various uses ranging from domestic to industrial uses. It is mainly used in cooking and body beautification(hair and skin).

By the time you’re done with this article, making a coconut oil will be an easy thing to do, as I’ll be putting you through the easiest steps. This article promises to be interesting, so keep reading.

How to make Coconut Oil (Preparation Steps)

  • Get a coconut(s); fully grown for better results. Rip off its husk then break the nut. Use a sharp object(knife) to carefully remove the white flesh or meat from the shell.
  • Gently rinse the pieced flesh and get them ready for grinding.

You can either grind the flesh with the grinding machine or a blender.

When using a blender, make sure such blender is a strong one of about 500watt and don’t forget to add little warm water while blending; this ensures easy grinding of the coconut by the blender.

  • When done, pour the semi-liquid substance into a sieve to let out the milk into a bowl, leaving the fleshy particles(chaff) on the sieve. You may use your hand to squeeze the chaff to let out more milk

Grind the chaff again and repeat the same process to get more milk.

  • Put the milk bowl in a fridge. After several hours, you’ll see that the milk has separated into two layers; oil and water. The oil is seen and the top, leaving the water below.

How to make Cold pressed coconut oil in Nigeria

This method is called the cold press. Another one is the hot press, but I’ll advise you to use the cold press method as the hot press method destroys most of the good quality of the oil. It’s just that it’s fast compared to the cold press method.

For the water below, it’s of no need again for the process but can be used in cooking foods such as rice(white, Jollof etc) to add a distinct taste

  • Get the oil into a clean pot (preferably stainless) and heat it up at a moderately low temperature for the best results. Keep on heating until you begin to notice some burnt particles of the coconut oil, then put off the heat and allow it to cool down. This heating process may take up to an hour, depending on the quantity being heated.
  • After cooling, sieve the oil by using a neat silky fabric. This leaves the burnt particles on the fabric and the oil in a bowl.
  • And there you have it, the oil in the bowl is the coconut oil.

I hope I’ve carefully explained it and I hope you love this article. For more, keep a check on this site.

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