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How to know original QEI+ cream


If you’re planning to change your body cream to QEI+ skincare but you’re afraid of buying fake products, this article will teach you how to know original QEI+ cream by mere seeing, touching and through its usage.

Accordingly, one thing that it is not easy to do in the African cosmetic market is to make a sudden choice of which cream to buy and use. While there’s abundant of them, the QEI+ products are now leading the race.

This body cream company has developed an effective skincare product that’s available for any skin use; be it black or mixed. Thus, their range of high-quality body cream is enormous.

Without further delay, the following are how to know original QEI+ cream for both black, white and mixed colour.

  1. They are only eight varieties

The first thing to note on how to know original QEI+ cream is that there are only eight ranges of QEI+ products. Any other type apart from the eight is not original.

These eight varieties of QEI+ cream are: Carrot, Shea Butter, Sweet Almond, Argan, Natural Plants, Orchids, Pearl Caviar and Carrot or Gold. They are all lightening products made out of the best plant ingredients.

  1. It’s made in Paris

Another way to know if your QEI+ cream is original or not is to check for the country where it’s manufactured. All the QEI+ products are made in the world city of cosmetics; Paris, France.

So if you check the body of the cream and nothing is said about the place of manufacture or it has other places than Paris, then it’s not original.

  1. It doesn’t leave any spots

QEI+ company major expertise lies in producing skin care products for beauty, black and mixed colours. They have renowned chemists and all there products passed through dermatological laboratory.

This means that original QEI+ cream doesn’t have any flaw. It doesn’t leave a spot, and it doesn’t give a green vein. So if you’re using any range of QEI+ skin care and it leaves any spot, then it’s not original.

  1. It is costly

Since your skin needs a very special and adequate care, QEI+ cream is also developed specially to unleash your skin beauty. However, it comes with a price.

All original QEI+ cream are costly; you can only get them with some thousands of naira. So if you come about any QEI+ skin care in the market at a relatively low price, then you’re buying the fake one.

We do hope you find the above four ways on how to know original QEI+ cream helpful.

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