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How to know original and Pure Honey


The importance of honey (health-wise and in all ramifications) can never be overemphasized hence, this article will teach you how to know original honey from an adulterated one.

It is immaterial whether you are planning to venture into the sales of honey or you just like adding it to your tea or coffee, what is important is that there’s a need for you to learn how to test which honey is original and which is not.

Ideally, honey is the perfect substitute for any beverages that require refined sugar. It’s a product of nature that gives 0% calories and it sweetens life, too, with adequate nutrients, minerals and living enzymes.

Just like in any other foodstuff, adulteration in honey too is no joke and if you really care for all the health benefits of taking pure honey, you must learn how to spot original honey from a dilute one.

People often concentrate pure honey with glucose, fructose syrup and many other substances that you may not even heard of. Such are the enemy of quality honey.

As such, this piece will teach you and clearly expatiate on how to know original honey from concentrated, adulterated and/or factory produced ones.

How to Know Pure And Original Honey

The purest form of honey is the one extracted from bees and not factory-made, so to spot pure honey while buying, always watch out for the inscription like ‘pure honey’ or ‘natural honey’ or ‘raw honey’ or ‘original honey‘.

Though this doesn’t mean every honey with such label is pure and original but you can use that and the following test on how to know original honey as a stepping stone.

Test #1: The Rule of Thumb Magic

To know if the honey you’re buying is pure and original, gently shallow your thumb (the smallest finger) in it and see if the honey spills around your hands as other liquid will.

Should the honey spills, then it’s not pure and original. Original honey is often thick in nature while adulterated honey are usually runny and it drips away easily.

Test #2. The Water Test Approach

If you are eager to learn how to know original honey using simple home methods, then this ‘Water Test Approach’ might be of interest to you.

To do this, put a glass full of clean water on a table and add a teaspoon of the honey you want to check for it originality inside the water.

Honey has a dense texture in its property and as such, if it is original and raw, it’ll clearly settle down as lumps at the bottom of the glass but if its an adulterated one, it will eventually dissolve in the water.

Test #3: The Flammability Test

This method is not that common because it’s somehow risky as it involves fire.

But nonetheless, you can know if your honey is original or concentrated by matching a matchstick dipped into a honey.

All pure honey by nature are inflammable. So if the matchstick lights and produces fire, then the honey is original but if the reverse is the case, then it is adulterated.

Test #4: The Heat Test

The last test you can conduct on how to know original honey is the ‘Heat test.’ This means that you’ll hear the honey and if it caramelises and produces foamy contents, then it’s original.

But if the honey does not caramelise nor produce any foamy contents on heating, then it’s factory made or concentrated honey.

In conclusion, we sincerely hope you do find this tutorial on how to know original honey helpful.

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