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How to know fake lemon fresh cream


Have you been surfing the net to no avail on how to know a fake lemon fresh cream? If you sigh in affirmation, then this article is meant to answer your question.

Essentially, the Nigerian cosmetic and beauty industry is one of the few industries that tend to survive any economy session. This industry doesn’t know what recession is. After all, it’s customary for Nigerian to cream after baths.

And it’s equally the dream of everybody to have good, smart and dazzling skin. As a result, the cosmetic industry keeps seeing large numbers of patronizers every day.

Lemon Fresh cream, therefore, is one of the highly patronized but inexpensive lightenings and acne skin care products. This body cream is a product of Emos Best Limited, Anambra, Nigeria.

However, since Lemon Fresh cream is getting to its peak in the cosmetic industry, there have been counterfeit skincare products with the name “Lemon Fresh” in circulation now.

As a Lemon Fresh cream fanatic, this article on how to know a fake lemon fresh cream might be useful to you. Hence, endeavor to read it line by line.

Tips to know fake lemon fresh cream

The following is, however, the simple ways to spot a fake lemon fresh cream in the market.

  1. Check for Phellinus Linteus

The beauty of Lemon Fresh cream lies in one of its ingredients and that is Phellinus Linteus. It is an ingredient extracted from a mushroom.

This ingredient has many numbers of enticing health benefits and it has a fascinating antioxidant and scent in it too.

So if you’ve ever use this cream before, then it’ll be easier for you to notice the scent than a first timer.

  1. Check the cream body colour

You’ll agree with me that there are only two recognised colour for Lemon Fresh cream body; Ash and Red. Any other colour apart from this two means the cream is fake.

However, being a fanatic of Lemon Fresh cream product, I have seen several other fake lemon fresh cream products with these two colours.

But fret not, the moment the body of the cream is either light red or dark ash; just drop it. They are also fake!

  1. The product is always bottled

The last viable means of knowing whether or not a Lemon Fresh cream is fake or original is by checking if it’s bottled.

That is, Lemon Fresh Company doesn’t produce Tube or Cup cream, they only produce lotion.

  1. Check the colour of the Cream

Lemon Fresh cream also has an inflammatory and anti-irritant ingredient in its formation and these are also beneficial to the skin health.

However, if you want to know a fake lemon fresh cream, kindly check the colour of the cream. Thus, the recognised colour of the original product is white.

Should you buy one of this skin care product and the colour is different, then the cream is fake; it’s far from being original.

End note.

Since everyone is trying to make this cream there most preferred, it’s therefore incumbent on every buyer to learn how to know a fake Lemon Fresh cream.

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  1. Bakare Ifeoluwa says

    Pls I bought the red lemon fresh cream, hope it won’t bleach me because am chocolate in complexion

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