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How to know fake hair wonder cream


Right now, the most used hair cream by both gender in Nigeria is the “Hair wonder cream.” A revolutionary anti-irritant remedy coupled with various natural ingredients in its composition.

However, ever since the hair wonder cream has become the order of the day in Nigeria, some mischievous people have started making a fake product of this cream parading it as hair wonder cream.

To this end, this content is going to provide you some clues on how to know fake hair wonder cream in the saturated cosmetics market.

Hair wonder cream is a perfect new revolutionary hair cream with lots of ingredients that’ll make the hair grow sleeker, thicker and stronger but buying the fake products may ruin the hair.

So one of the few ways to spot a fake hair wonder cream is by checking for the company brand “El-glittas” on the body of the cream.

Thus, should you buy hair wonder cream and the company El-glittas brand is missing, then it’s a fake product.

  1. It’s not foamy

The major ingredients used in making hair wonder are Shea butter oil, moringa leave, aloe vera and some other simple herbs that doesn’t have bubble formation in them.

Hence, the moment you use hair wonder cream as a moisturizer and it requires you to rinse it, then the hair cream is fake. Hair wonder cream has a moisturizer feature that doesn’t requires rinsing.

  1. Check if the cream is black in color

The last clue to take note on how to know fake hair wonder cream is by checking for the colour of the cream if it’s naturally black.

Original hair wonder creams are made out of artificial ingredients that are beneficial to the hair. So a wrong combination of these ingredients will produce different colour other than the original colour.

Note: That’s the fastest way to spot a fake hair wonder cream in the cosmetic market.

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