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How to know a baby’s gender without ultrasound


Obviously, one of the most thrilling moments for couples is when they discovered that they’ll become a parent soon. Ambiance, joy, and excitement always feel the air even without knowing the baby’s gender then.

Other than going to the clinic for an ultrasound and to end the speculation of the child being a boy or a girl, we shall, therefore, discuss how to know a baby’s gender without ultrasound today.

So if you don’t want to be caught off guard in the delivery room, kindly check out these traditional, simple and downright ways to know your baby’s gender without ultrasound.

  1. Linea nigra

Linea nigra is the black straight stripe most pregnant women do have down their belly and it’s one of the downright odd of checking the baby’s gender without ultrasound.

So if this line stops growing down the belly button, it means the baby is a girl but if it grows up the belly button, be expecting a baby boy.

  1. Breast size

The breast size of a pregnant woman is another determinant factor of a baby’s gender we ultrasound. This method is old and traditional.

As the fetus develops, pregnant women breast size changes. So should the right breast become way bigger than the left, the baby is probably a boy and if It’s another way round, you’re most likely expecting a girl.

  1. Sleeping position

Since you’re here to learn how to know a baby’s gender without ultrasound, then we’re ready to tell.

If you feel convenient by sleeping on your right side then you’re carrying a baby boy but if you often sleep on your left, then it’s a girl.

  1. Weight gain chain

Another traditional method on how to know a baby’s gender without ultrasound is by studying your body weight chain.

If you realize that you’ve gain weight all over your body; the tendency is high that she’s a girl but if you only grow weight on your belly, then he’s boy.

  1. The baking soda method

You can also use baking soda to determine your baby’s gender amidst speculation that he’s a boy or a girl.

To do this, mix your urine with sufficient amount of baking soda. If the solution become fizzes, be expecting a boy but if it doesn’t, it’s a girl.

  1. Nipple color

You can also use the color of your nipples to determine the gender of your baby. So if your nipples become darker day by day, chances are that you’re carrying a boy.

But if you don’t experience any changes in your nipples throughout the pregnancy, then it’s a girl.

  1. Clumsiness

Another method you may find downrightly odd on how to know a baby’s gender without ultrasound is ‘Clumsiness’.

It’s natural for a pregnant woman to be feeling clumsy but if the clumsiness is way too much than normal, there’s a heavy tendency you’re expecting a boy.

End Note!

Which of the above mentioned on how to know a baby’s gender without ultrasound can you count on? Let’s know your view by using the comment box. Thanks!

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