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How much is a cow in Nigeria?


Recently, cow prices in Nigeria have risen dramatically which is due to turbulence in the  Northern part of the country and other challenges facing herdsmen on grazing their livestocks.
Small-sized cow (calf) N60,000 – N80,000
Medium-size cow (150kg – 200kg) N140,000 – N190,000
ery large cow (300kg – 350kg) N250,000 – N350,000
Giant-sized cow (400kg – 550kg) N370,000 – N490,000
Big-size cow (220kg – 250kg) N190,000 – N290,000
Cow prices in Nigeria vary bothering on factors such as breeds of cows, seasons of sales, age of cows, the cost of rearing the animals, locations of sales and lots more. You may have to incur other expenses such as transportation of the cow to your specified location which can add to the overall cost of buying a cow.
So to cut down on pricing, people have learn to buy from major cow markets in the country, where the markets mainly sells cow and other livestocks, this is to reduce cost because of the many sellers in the market.
So, if you have an event ahead and looking to buy cow in great quantity, here are the top cow markets in the country.
Wudil cattle market, Kano State
Sheme cattle market, Katsina State
Potiskum cattle market, Yobe State
Maitagari cattle market, Jigawa State
Amansea cattle market in Anambra State
Asaba cattle market, Delta State
For those looking to buy cows in Lagos, you can go to the lagos Government abbattoir, Odo Eran (Cattle market), Kara market in Ojodu Berger is the most popular where you can get good deals on cow in Lagos.
For those looking to buy cows in Ibadan, Oyo State, there are very many cow markets in this region, Sango market, Oyo road, and Bodija Market, are the most popular places, you can as well check out Orita Challenge Market etc.

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